Identification of people in SCCARA's Field Day 1992 video.

   Time*     Names and call signs
   01:51    Don Hayden KO6HH, Don Village K6PBQ
   03:00    Lou Steirer WA6QYS and Ken KD6ABI
   05:22    Logging software written by Gary Mitchell WB6YRU for SCCARA
   06:33    close up of logging software being used
   08:00    Harrold Welch KK6ZE and Marti KD6FTJ
   09:07    Harrold Welch KK6ZE
   11:14    Harrold Welch KK6ZE and Marti KD6FTJ
   13:25    Wally Britten KA6YMD
   13:40    Patricia "Trish" Gibbons WA6UBE
   15:09    reflection of the camera man in car mirror - Thomas Steirer (Lou's son)
   17:00    Don Hayden KO6HH
   20:00    Don Hayden KO6HH, Mike Hastings KB6LCJ, Harrold Welch KK6ZE, Lou Steirer WA6QYS
   20:19    Mike Marneris K6ERL and ?
   21:14    Doug Eaton WN6U and Hugh Collis KD6EFL
   23:42    Thomas Jr. Steirer (Lou's grandson)
   24:02    Lou Steirer WA6QYS and ?
   24:25    Don Village K6PBQ and ?
   25:05    Patricia "Trish" Gibbons WA6UBE, Carla Satros (Trish's friend, facing away), and Bill Brothers N6ZPC (V.P.)

   Doug Eaton WN6U was our Field Day chariman that year.
   Mike Hastings KB6LCJ was the club president.

   Those not identified are probably member's friends or visitors.

   *minutes and seconds into the video.

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