Several still images from the 16 mm film.    Additional info below.

member and Clair Foster, 6HM QTH of Bruce Stone, 6AMM

member member

one-tube radio Windsor C. Cutting, 6AOC

Ray H. Thomas, 6BHH Frank Quement, 6NX at the key

Frank Quement, 6NX with many ARRL Radiograms

a dynamotor generates high voltage antenna party at QTH of Armand Humburg, 6BON

Harry Engwicht, 6HC with a rotary spark gap Orrin Hank Brown, 6CKV / 6HB

member antenna towers

QTH of Meade W. Eaton Jr., 6AJZ George F. De La Cruz, 6CSX

member (6KG?) Earle L. Mallette, 6ARV

6ARV's YL member

Harry Engwicht, 6HC / 6ZAJ Now that's a REAL radio shack

Brandon Wentworth, 6OI Philip F. Scofield, 6JK

Behold, state-of-the-art radios!        Philip Scofield, 6JK and Frank Quement, 6NX

member YLs 1920's style

Trouble making contacts? maybe it's this bad tube.

Members doing a skit...

The shack explodes, run for your lives! Hey, wait for me!

Well, that didn't work. Use this rotary spark gap instead.

Introducing our youngest member? member

Mel Nelson, 6APS club members

member member

member Daniel L. O'Brien, 6VK

member Clair Foster, 6HM

member Doing the Charleston in the street

We're having a meeting members' cars

radio shack Harvey Grant Taylor, 6AOB

John R. Hubbell, 6ANR Melvin D. Whiteman, 6CDW

member member

member member

member member

member member

member member

member "6KG" is being written

Closeup on the letterhead.   It looks like ARRL letterhead on top of SCCARA letterhead.

 Who's who...

   6AJZ    Meade W. Eaton, Jr    801 W. San Fernando St., San Jose, CA    (1923)
   6AMM    Bruce Stone    Route 2, Box 124, San Jose, CA    (1924)
   6ANR    John R. Hubbell    200 Santa Cruz St., Los Gatos, CA    (1921)
   6APS    Milford Raymond Nelson Jr.    716 E. Santa Clara St., San Jose, CA    (1924)
   6AOB    Harvey Grant Taylor    Box 55, National Ave., Los Gatos, CA    (1921)
   6AOC    Windsor C. Cutting    67 North 1st St., Campbell, CA    (1921)
   6ARV    Earle L. Mallette    Box 269 Saratoga, CA    (1926)
   6BHH    Ray H. Thomas    Box 180 R. A., Los Gatos, CA    (1926)
   6BON    Armand Humburg    195 Santa Teresa St., San Jose, CA    (1922)
   6CDW    Melvin D. Whiteman    128 University Ave., Los Gatos, CA    (1923)
   6CKV    Orrin Hank Brown    399 S. Fourteenth St., San Jose, CA    (1923)
   6HB    Orrin H. Brown    added this second call sign in 1927, dropped the 6CKV/W6CKV call in 1930 or 1931
   6HC    Harry Engwicht    405 N. Third St., San Jose, CA    (1920)
   6ZAJ    Harry Engwicht    added this second call sign in 1925, dropped it in 1928
   6CSX    George F. De La Cruz    1114 McKendrie St., San Jose, CA    (1924)
   6HM    Clair Foster    Carmel, CA    (1925)
   6JK    Philip F. Scofield    430 Kingsley Ave., Palo Alto, CA    (1920)
   6KG    Thornelius Hansen    1016 McKendrie St., San Jose, CA    (1926)
   6NX    Fank J. Quement    51 Pleasant St., San Jose, CA    (1920)
   6AIK    Brandon Wentworth    Route 3, Mission Canyon, Santa Barbara, CA (1921-1922)
   6OI    Brandon Wentworth    Stanford University, CA    (1924)
   6OI    Brandon Wentworth    2715 Channing Way, Berkeley, CA in 1925
   6OI    Brandon Wentworth & Philip Scofield    Stanford University, CA    1926-1928
   6VK    Daniel L. O'Brien    643 Poirier St., Oakland, CA    (1920)

The above came from the "Amateur Radio Stations of the United States," which was published on June 30 of each year during this period.   The year in parenthesis is when their license was first listed.

The 'W' prefix was added to everyone's call signs in 1928 (i.e. 6AJZ became W6AJZ), except 6VK became W6PB.

7 minutes 30 seconds into the film we see this man, then 22 seconds later we see "6KG" being written on paper.   It has been suggested this is Thornelius Hansen 6KG, we are attempting to confirm that.   Thornelius W6KG (6KG) was a Director of SCCARA and one of the signers of our Articles of Incorporation in January 1947.

George F. De La Cruz was among the first to be licensed in 1913 when licenses were first issued to amateurs, his call was 6AQ.   During the "great war" (World War 1), the U.S. Navy took control of all radio stations and stopped amateur operation.   Amateur radio was allowed to resume operation in late 1919.   In 1920 someone else got the call 6AQ.   George got re-licensed as 6CSX in late 1923 or early 1924.

   Also one of the first members to be licensed was Paul U. Clark, who got the call 6AU in 1913.   In 1920 he got the call 6CO, someone else got the call 6AU.

Harry Engwicht 6HC was one of our founding members and first president when the club was formed in 1921.   It was the "San Jose Amateur Radio Association" then, but was renmaed to the "Santa Clara County Amateur Radio Association" a couple of years later.

Philip F Scofield 6JK and Frank J Quement 6NX.   Frank is also in several other scenes.   Frank was one of SCCARA's founding members, and president when we hosted ARRL Pacific Division Convention in 1926.   In 1933 Frank started the "Radio Specialties Company."   By 1950 it was "Frank Quement Inc., Radio and Television" at 161 W San Fernando St., San Jose.   Then in 1963 it became the big Quement Electronics store many of us remember at 1000 S Bascom Ave. in San Jose.

Daniel O’Brien 6VK.   Perhaps WARA is Western Amateur Radio Association?   It seems unlikely he was a SCCARA member, living in Oakland.  Maybe he came down as a visiting representative of WARA to meet with members of the new SCCARA.   Daniel became W6PB in 1928.  He was a Charter Member and first President of the Northern California DX Club in 1946.  He is shown here (about in the middle) on the NCDXC's history page with the other NCDXC's founding members.  In 1948 when the NCDXC began publishing their DXer newsletter, Dan was their first Editor.

This film was made throughout 1925.

There is no date on this film.   It was figured out from when people were listed in the "Amateur Radio Stations of the United States."

In the June 30, 1924 edition, 6AOB was Harvey Taylor in Los Gatos, CA.
In the June 30, 1925 edition, 6AOB was Ontario Power in Ontario, CA.
Harvey is in the film as 6AOB, so filming must have started well before June 30, 1925.

In the June 30, 1925 edition, 6ARV was R.F. Austin in Riverside, CA; and 6BHH was E.F. Zimmerman in Garden Grove, CA.
In the June 30, 1926 edition, 6ARV was Earle Mallette in Saratoga, CA; and 6BHH was Ray Thomas in Los Gatos, CA.
So filming must have ended well before June 30, 1926.

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