Field Day 2004

SBARC Field Day Report Date: Saturday, July 10, 2004 10:54 AM

Hi Sherri,

Our site was new this year, and to set things up on Saturday we had KI4BUC, KG4DSD, KD4JRJ, K2CZT, KI4IS, and a friend, WB4SRR. They went on the air about 10 am and worked that day plus all night there were only KI4BUC, KD4JRJ, KG4DSD. During the day there was a solar panel and big battery case in use, provided by Bill Young, KA4VYH who works at the Fla Solar Energy Center. On Sunday there were KI4BUC, KG4DSD, KD4JRJ, KI4IS, K2CZT, plus another friend Dale KG4B and a former member Gene WA2UQG. We also had a little publicity on the Sunday before, when Bill Carrigan, K3DC announced the event coming up on his Sunday Eve Classical Music program on KFIT on FM 89.5 from 7PM to 10PM each sunday eve.

We had about 125 Phone contacts and 15 CW contacts, and our points are around 800.

The station shut down about 3PM on Sunday.

Marty Leake, N4FIZ SBARC Pub Serv Dir

Contact Dan Clemente, KG4DSD to sign up.

Finally, It's Official ! ( we have the reservation )

The S. B. A. R. C. 2004 Field Day operations will be held at the Malabar Community Park on June 26-27, 2004. The park is located between I-95 and U.S. 1 on Malabar Road adjacent to the Malabar Fire Department. Anyone needing more precise directions, see below.

The main pavilion is ours and all we need is you! We are off to a good start but as always the more the merrier. We would like to invite more operators to participate. Even if you're not able to stay for any length of time, that's fine too, then just come on down for a visit.

Of course for all of you who can stay a spell, please contact me so we'll know who, what, and when to expect. In particular, I'd like to coordinate with anyone who may supply their own equipment. Additional cw operators are always appreciated. (hint - hint)

We are running a little late so a prompt response would be greatly appreciated. I apologize for the return receipt but like I said time is short and I at least like to know everyone has received this note.

Ok now that you have the info & the invite -- let's hear from you!!!

Dan Clemente, KG4DSD ( Field Day helper-at-large)

Please reply via email or call (321) 727-2794 Home (321) 698-3470 Cell

Ps. Malabar Community Park location/directions

The park is located approximately 2 miles east of I-95 (exit 173) and approximately 1 mile west of U.S.1. From 95 or Babcock head east on Malabar Rd. You'll pass the Palm Bay Community Hospital, the Malabar Post Office, and then you'll see the Malabar Fire Dept. (all on your left) The fire dept. entrance driveway is followed by the park exit driveway, and then the park entrance. If you come to the big curve - you've passed it.

From US1 it's a little simpler. Head west on Malabar Rd. and once you pass the curve you'll see the park entrance on your right. If you come to the Malabar Post Office - you've passed it.

Field day rules.

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