I was born on 20th November 1983.

My homonymous father was also a HAM, but unfortunately he passed away in 1984. He had a call sign YU3UNW. He was a good man. His profession was electrical engineer. He left me a lot of instruments and electronic equipment and the most important thing - passion for electrotechnics and HAM. My mother is still a HAM. She is a teacher in local school. She has licence  [CS S56UNW], but she is not active.

my father 1950 - 1984

In 1995 when I was 12, I got my 1st licence and a call sign S56PNW. I was mostly on 2m band QRP, SSB. My 1st contest location was a local hill; called Sinji Vrh, ASL 1002m, UL: JN65XV and RIG; Yeasu FT-290R and FT-209R.

In 1999 I got flight licence. I'm a glider pilot. I fly two types of school plains momentarily: Blanik L-13 & L-23.

me, in the past and now

In 2000 I bouht new TRX Icom IC-746 and passed the 2nd operator exam and I got CS S57ONW. The new RIG opened me a completely new world on HF frequency. Now you can hear me on: 160m, 80m, 30m, 15m, 10m, 6m and 2m. Most of the time I spend on 80m, 15m, 6m and also 2m band.




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