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I went to Vilnius, Lithuania in Sep 1999. Due to lack of time I just visited the LY2WR radioclub, which is located on the TV tower 170m a.g.l. They are using FT-736, 2xGU74b and 11el LY for 144MHz; GS35b and 24el LY for 70cm; 10W and 23el Loop for 23cm. They are also QRV on HF but VHF/UHF is priority nr. 1. You could find Remi, LY2MW and Rytis, LY2BIL very active on 2m MS.

10 minutes of operation on 2m band have brought me 4 QSOs. 

You can find more information about HAM activity in LY on web pages and

ly2bil.jpg (24569 bytes) v litvi.jpg (31296 bytes)

Rytis, LY2BIL in the shack

From the left to right side: Luka - S57HLW, Rytis - LY2BIL, Stanko - S55AW, Remi - LY2MW

I would like to thank to  Remi - LY2MW, Arturas - LY1LA,  LY3BF and specially to Rytis -LY2BIL for hospitality and helping me to prepare the article for S5 magazine.