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In January 2000 I visited Sofia. Thank to Ivan, LZ3IF and Toni, LZ3AI I had a great chance to met with many LZ HAMs. Bellow you could find some photos from international "Combined Endeavor" HAM dinner and visit of "City students" radioclub - LZ1KDP.

LZ-skupinska1.jpg (22728 bytes) LZ1KDP-shack.jpg (24753 bytes)

"Combined Endeavor" HAM dinner. Participants: LZ1FW, LZ1GL, LZ1RF, LZ1RQ, LZ1UO, LZ1ZQ, LZ3AI, LZ3EL, LZ3IF, LZ3OF, LZ3PM, LZ4JT, LZ5DU, K2YEE&SV0AV, K7MIT, LY1LA, LY2MM, OE1SRS, LY3AD, S57HLW, S57ODX, S57MWW and S55AW

LZ1KDP shack - from left to right; behind LY3AG, LY1MM, S55AW, LZ2HM, LZ3DJ, in front: LZ3AI, LZ3GU


LZ1KDP-ant2.jpg (13699 bytes) LZ1KDP-ant3.jpg (14334 bytes)

LZ1KDP antenna farm (I)

LZ1KDP antenna farm (II)

All photos by: Miran Korbar

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