RX3QFM VHF activity

VHF station situated at summer residence, 12km south Voronezh city, Russia. Loc - KO91oo.

VHF activity possible only summer period. Mainly April - October.

Main interests - Tropo, Es, Aurora, MS, FAI, Iono.

Time to time, I am QRV EME, but preference -  CW. Also use JT65b, if you ask me.

In shack I use Yaesu FT-840 + home made transverter RX3QFM design, since 1998. Now - Yaesu FT-857D.

Before Perseids 2003, my must was fully damaged, by big thunderstorm.

Spring 2004  , we build new steel pipes must 17m ASL.


Computer - Pentium ||| - 500MHz.

Tranciever - Yaesu FT-857D.

Antenna - 2m 2x2.2wl BVO

Antenna - 70cm 1x6wl OPT70

LNA - 2m BF998 0.8dB NF

LNA - 70cm BF998 2 stage 0.9 dB NF

Power amplifier - 2m GI7B+GS35b+2xGS35b

Power amplifier 70cm GI7b.     GS35b under construction.

During contest time we use 2x8wl OPT70 for 70cm and 2x4m DL6WU for 23 cm


All time I have a big support from my best friend Dima - RZ3QD.

And always from my wife - Galina.

Galina now licensed like RN3QLU and also active on VHF/UHF/SHF bands.

Galina in MS QSO with I6WJB.

And RX3QFM VHF/UHF contest team.

Also good old friend Oleg - RX3QFN - active VHF-er.

Galina now shared my hobby, and licensed present time like RN3QLU.

Time to time, Galina also QRV on 2m, mainly tropo.


Initials QSO's of RX3QFM 1999-2004 period on 2m.

Worked terrestrial QRA.                                  Map.

Most wanted squares for RX3QFM.                Map.


If you need a MS or EME sked. Best way - my wok mail vladimir at m-media dot ru

Also possible shack mail rx3qfm at mail dot ru .

Then I present in shack, I active in ON4KST 144/432 chat.

Last time we are active on 23 cm.


Updated 28/05/2005.

73! Vlad. RX3QFM