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Hi! Thank You for visiting my Home Page! My name - Vyacheslav, QTH Moscow, Russia.HAM radio is my hobby for more than 13 years. I've started on SW in September 1984. It was club station UK3AAV (UZ3AXV later on). In 1984 i've got my SWL call - UA3 170 877 and been active till 1990 (134 countries confirmed).From 1990 to 1995  it was pause (studying in Bauman Moscow State Technical University) and finally i became RX3AOX. Amateur radio played very important role for my life and career. Now i work like Senior Engineer in Radio Network Design department for one of the famous telecom companies here, in Moscow.

RX3AOX on farry, Tatarstan, Kama river, july 1998

During last two years i'm active only on VHF/UHF. Also i have couple of scanners (AOR8k and Icom IC-PCR1000). Scanning is one of my favorite activities during non-working hours. Moscow - one of the biggest cities in the world (12 000 000 people). A lot of interesting freqs, for sure! I've bought PCR1000 approx. 10 months ago, and really cool scanner. I use it with Toshiba laptop, and it's working perfect.

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BR/73! de RX3AOX. .                                                                                                                                             Friday, October 30, 1998