My little radio museum

BC-312 HF receiver
Band: 1,5-18 Mh
IF 470 kc
14 volts DC
Make in 1943 year.
Include together with transmitterBC-610
Circuit diagram
BC-457-A HF transmitter
Band: 4-5,3 Mh
4 tubes: 1626, 2*1625, 1629
Power: 28 VDC
Circuit diagram
Made by "Western Electric"
BC-422-A antenna relay
Made by "J.H.Bunniel&Co. New York"
Microfone #7
Head-fones R-30-D
BC-348-J HF receiver

Circuit diagram
Radiola "Kama"
Produced in Russia
Made in 1954 �.
Digital Radio control"Pilot-2"
Autor is my father
Made in Russia at 1974 year. Transmiter diagram
TV "Leningrad T-2"
3 channel TV and radio
Made in Germany from USSR at 1953 year(contribution after 2WW).
Transistor radio"Spidola 10"
Made in USSR 1967 year