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Packet Radio - Future link to big collection of Packet Radio software and information.

T7F 70 cm FM/FSK transceiver - PCB layout and information about data transceiver by DF2FQ. Additional information may be found in CQ DL magazine starting from number 11 of 1998 year.

PCB layout view of T7F HERE (41 kB)
PCB complete documentation HERE (228 kB)
Info for T7F phone jack HERE (73 kB)
PCB corrections from F1BIU HERE (228 kB)
Terminal 1.30 by DF8MT HERE (16 kB)

PIC programming binary files available only from the author DF2FQ and DH9DUN. I have this files also but I need correct request from you.

In future I will place here another usefull and interesting links. And of course I will rebuild the design of this page.

If you have any additional information or program which you want to place on my homepage please inform me via E-mail and after I place it for you.

P.S. Only for Saint-Petersburg hams: call me via phone or looking for me on local 2 m band.




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