Vlad Plugin
Moscow, Russia
Москва (а/п Внуково)

My wife, Rita, UA3AHX, and I along with 
my daughter Vera, 
UA3ATC and my son Yura, RU3AKW, 
live in Vnukovo, Russia which is just outside Moscow. 
Please send me e-mail at
[email protected].

I work for Russian International Airlines  
at the
Moscow Air Traffic Control Center at the Vnukovo Airport

My US Amateur Extra class license callsign is K3AG. 


Please send QSLs to my home address at:

Vladimir Plugin
2nd Rejsovaya, 25B 176
Moscow K27 1󮧬7

Grid Square:  KO85PO       CQ Zone:  16    
Latitude:  55.75 N       Longitude:  37.58333 E    
Pictures of my wife Rita   Picture of my daughter Vera    
RW3AG info at QRZ.COM
RW3AG info at QRZ.RU

UA3ATC info at QRZ.COM
My daughter Vera
RU3AKW info at QRZ.COM
My son Yura

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