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Michael Y. Semenov

I Was born on January 6, 1964. First signal I have received in VI form. I have finished Voronezh polytechnical institute. Actively worked on a collective radio station UK3QAE. In Stary Oskol there are a lot of radioamateurs.

I work as the deputy director of the Stary Oskol's local radio television channel, we build and serve cable networks. On our network we transmit 30 television channels. We have about 20 thousands subscribers. We are diller of companies: WiSi, CommScope.

If you are interested with advertising on TV or cable equipment, write here.

    The page is in a stage of development and gradually replenishs with the new information.

    In an ether I am in the basic evening on high-frequency ranges.

    I Would like to get acquainted with radioamateurs and to support friendly communications.

EX: UA3-117-355, UA3ZBA

The deputy director of the Stary Oskol's Cable Networks and Radio (9th channel) Advertising on TV.

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Phone: +7 (0725) 32-85-36 work
+7 (0725) 22-75-90 home

The applications for advertising and it is simple mail please here

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