Scituate APRS Digi-Peater


 On September 15th, 2007, the RIAFMRS took a step in a new direction by installing an APRS Digi-Peater at our repeater site on Chopmist Hill.  This is a stand-alone APRS Digi that was constructed out of a Motorola Max-Trac mobile radio which was donated by Denis,KD1HA, and a KPC-3 TNC donated by Dave, W2DAN.  W2DAN set up the TNC for APRS operation, and Denis programmed the radio for 144.390 MHz and set the TX power to 10 Watts.

  Since the duty cycle of the digi is pretty high, the intent was to keep the power low enough to protect the radio from over heating, and not to overpower other digi's in the region, and there was also concern that the new digi could possibly interfere with the 146.760 repeater.  Initial testing shows the digi is repeating a substantial amount of APRS traffic, is not interfering with the 146.760 repeater, and the 2 Meter repeater is not interfering with the APRS digi.  Currently the Scituate APRS Digi-Peater is beaconing the call sign W2DAN-14, and W2DAN is administering the node for the RIAFMRS.

  The RIAFMRS Scituate Digi-Peater is now providing good APRS coverage in a previously spotty section of the state.  As of the installation date, the next closest APRS station was 9.1 miles away.

The entire APRS Digi;  Astron supply, Max-Trac radio, and KPC-3 TNC.