223.760 Repeater Information

  The 223.76 Lincoln, RI repeater (K1KYI) In 1985, Steve Anthony, WA1POX, suggested we put a 220 repeater on the air using the Lincoln site. Rick, K1KYI, located a complete 220 system (except for an antenna and feedline) in Ohio. John Murphy, K1PZY, Steve, WA1POX, and Rick, K1KYI chipped in to purchase it. The following year, the RIAFMRS reimbursed them after one of the auctions. The repeater consists of a Spectrum Communications SCR-1000 repeater with self contained power supply, TX/RX Corp. duplexers, and an ARR GaAs FET preamp. The Cushcraft 4-bay dipole antenna was donated by K1KYI, and a spare feed-line on the tower connected the system to it. The receiver was replaced to improve sensitivity with a GE VHF high band commercial receiver converted to 220 Mhz by Dave Tessitore, K1DT. Coverage is excellent to the south and somewhat spotty to the north due to the orientation of the antenna.

  When it first went on the air, it was only the second 220 repeater in RI. We experimented for a while with a touch-tone callable 10 meter FM link using WA1POX's 10 meter FM transceiver connected to a 5/8 wave antenna on the tower. This allowed folks to monitor 10 meter band openings during the sunspot minimum. It is no longer in service.