An ARRL Affiliated Club
July 2020

There is no club meeting this month, but there is Field Day. You can work Field Day as an individual, you don't have to be a club or even a club member. Start time is 1800 UTC Saturday June 27. That should be sometime today, or maybe it was sometime during the night. Anything else you need to know can be found at . It might even be fun just to listen and hear what is going on in various places. Remember that all those people doing Field Day need someone to talk to. Maybe you will be the person they hear.

Nothing much is the same about it, but there are still VE tests happening. There isn't really a schedule, we have a test when someone is ready. We are still listed on the ham test web page so that people can find out how to contact us. You don't have to look there – just keep reading. Contact person is – Gloria WA7GYD at 509-962-3820 or [email protected] Thank you. According to my records, since the last newsletter there are 4 new techs in the area. Congratulations to them. And, contact us when you are ready to take a test.

Did you know that now has a “Schedule of Canceled Events”? Well they do. Look for it when you visit the website. Especially before you leave to go to some event.

Remember that also has info on upcoming and canceled ham oriented events. Give it a look if you are looking for something to do or not do.

We have a Facebook page! You can find it by searching in Facebook for “Kittitas County Amateur Radio Group” or by following this link - Thank you to Charlie Gorman W7CEG.

Also remember that there is a “Kittitas County Hams” google group. To join that group send an email to Chris Caviezel WX7EMT at [email protected] . You must include your call sign in the email. Members can post a message by sending an email to [email protected] .

If you are looking for online FEMA training – visit . When you get there, look for IS-100.c or IS-700.b . Those are the courses you should start with. When you complete a course, please tell Randy Thomas K7RHT ([email protected]) . He can also suggest other courses that you might want to complete.

If you want to practice using winlink – there is a group called Hams on Winlink (or HOW) that can help. Randy Thomas K7RHT ([email protected]) can help you get signed up with HOW.

The Yakima County ARES Weather Spotter practice net meets the 4th Monday of each month at 1900 hours (7PM). All weather spotters are welcome to participate. Kittitas County hams should use the Quartz Mtn. Repeater (145.27, - offset, tone 123.0 )

You can become a Weather Spotter by completing the training offered by the National Weather Service. Training at this time of year is online, go to and follow the instructions there.

The Kittitas County ARES/RACES net meets every Sunday evening at 8:00 PM on the 147.360 repeater. (+ offset, tone of 131.8 or 141.3) Backup frequencies, if needed, are 147.000 (+ , 131.8);

444.450 (+, 131.8); and (last resort) 147.540 simplex. Note that 147.000 and 444.450 are linked. Also note the seasonal time change which is associated with the change to or from Daylight Savings Time. (7:00 PM start time in winter - 8:00 PM start time in summer)

The Kittitas County round robin net, also known as virtual coffee, meets daily at 7:30 AM on 147.360. Everyone is welcome. This is an informal net, listen and check in when it seems appropriate.

And – there is an informal DMR net each Wednesday at 8AM on TG “Cascades East” . This is an open format net, new DMR users and questions are welcome. Contact Carl Munson KG7JMI, 425- 281-6644 or [email protected] for more information.

Both clubs have websites. and . Thank you to Jack Williams W7HNH who keeps them both updated.

Both clubs have websites. and . Thank you to Jack Williams W7HNH who keeps them both updated.

Please send comments, questions, ideas, or address changes to Gloria Sharp WA7GYD at 962-3820 or [email protected] or 7731 Reecer Creek Road, 98926. Your input is appreciated.