An ARRL Affiliated Club
October 2018

Fall is here. I know that because it's cooler, the sun is coming up in a different part of the sky and later in the morning, and because the hundred mile races are over. We have to wait a whole year to do them again. But the radio club meetings are only a couple weeks away. The combined meeting of the clubs will be Saturday October 6, 8 AM at the Copper Kettle restaurant in Ellensburg. Arrive early to get breakfast before things start. Meeting discussion topics are anything you want that relates to ham radio in the county. Visitors are always welcome.

Our best wishes to Andy Johnson KF7PJX who is not well right now.

The next scheduled VE test is October 20. All tests are available but you must call ahead and reserve a space. The test fee is $15 cash or check made payable to ARRL VEC. You must bring a picture ID, a copy of your current license if you have one, the original and a photocopy of any CSCE you will be using for credit, and you need to know your social security number. The testing location is the Chestnut Street Baptist Church at 609 N. Chestnut and we start at 10 AM. If you want to take a test we need you to call and register in advance – please contact Gloria Sharp WA7GYD at 962-3820 or [email protected] by Thursday October 18, 5 PM. Thanks.

Thank you to everyone who volunteered their time for one or both of the 100 mile races. Ron WA7OJA, ham organizer for the Cascade Crest, says that the race was a big success because of all the volunteers. Steve WA7ZZU, chief ham on site for the Teanaway 100, says everyone seemed to have a good time. In some cases, it was also a long time. Thanks to everyone (including Steve and Ron) for your efforts.

Upcoming First Aid/CPR/AED classes are Saturday October 13 in Cle Elum and Saturday November 10 in Ellensburg. Both are at the Fire Stations, are 9am to 2pm, cost $45 which includes a card valid for 2 years and snacks. Bring a lunch if you want; books are available to purchase or borrow. To register call 509-6742932 or email to [email protected] . Please include your name and phone number and be sure to specify which class you want. (Please notify them if you need to cancel before the class.) Registration deadlines are Oct.10 and Nov. 7 or when the class is full. Any questions – use contact info above. If you are an emergency responder there is an advanced first aid course being offered in November. It requires ten class sessions, costs $255.00, and location is not yet determined. For more information call the phone number above or contact Gloria WA7GYD (info above) who can read you the flyer.

The Kittitas County Public Health Department has scheduled their drive by Flu Vaccination Clinic for Friday October 19, 7 am to 4 pm, at the Western Village area near the rodeo arena. Yes, this is the annual “drive by shooting” event. It's always fun. Maybe I'll see you there.

The drive by flu vaccination clinic is actually a required drill for the public health department. It provides practice for distributing vaccine, or medicine, to lots of people at a time when having a lot of people gather inside somewhere would not be a good idea. So you are helping them by getting a flu shot.

The ARES/RACES packet drill with Kittitas, Grant, Chelan counties, and the associated sheriff offices, is now formally set for Saturday October 20 at 2PM. More info to come.

Steve Busick N7DXP is selling some equipment you might be interested in. Sale items are: a 30 foot Rohn 25G tower – tower has a tilt base, house bracket, rotator shelf, tilt base mast pipe and bearing $350; Alliance HD-73-1 rotator and controller with illuminated azimuth indicator $150; K4KIO Technology Hex Beam 20 thru 10 meters with a Ferrite bead choke balun $175. He says he may also sell his Ameritron AL80B amplifier (wired for 240 volts; puts out 1,000watts on 20 – 10M, and 850 to 900 watts into a wire antenna on 40 and 80M.) Contact Steve at [email protected] or 509-260-1233 .

Here is an upcoming event: October 12 – 13 is the annual Pacific Northwest VHF Society Conference. This year it is in Seaside OR. More info at . Remember that is a place to find information about all kinds of radio events in the general pacific northwest area.

Also upcoming is the annual Boy Scout JOTA (Jamboree on the Air). It it scheduled for October 19 – 21. Frequencies can be found at ; other information is at . This is, obviously, a good “get kids involved in ham radio” event.

Here are some interesting upcoming on-the-air events that I found in the current QST magazine. Oct 13 – from the USS Midway Museum Ship in San Diego - commemorating the establishment of the US Navy in 1775 ; Oct 19 - 21 - commemorating the 79th Anniversary of the US Coast Guard Auxiliary ; Oct 20 - commemorating the 237th anniversary of the surrender of the British to end the American Revolutionary War ; Oct 27 – from Tombstone Arizona, commemorating the Shootout at the OK corral . Find more info about frequencies and details in the October 2018 QST or at .

This is an upcoming event of a different type. Very soon, ARRL members will be receiving ballots for the regular elections of division directors and vice-directors. This year, in the Northwestern Division (which is our division), there are contested races. That is unusual. As the contact person for the RC2 club, I have received informational mailings from 3 candidates. I will have copies to distribute at the upcoming meeting. If you cannot be at the meeting, but would like copies of the information please contact me (Gloria WA7GYD 962-3820 [email protected] )

If you operate CW on 30m listen for, or call, N4RS. He needs a 30m CW contact from Kittitas County.

Here is the link to the FEMA online training - When you get there, look for IS-100.c, or IS-700.b . Those are the courses you should start with. When you complete a course, please tell Randy Thomas K7RHT ( [email protected] ) .

If you are interested in learning CW (morse code) remember about the daily CW practice net at 0800PDT on 3970KHz. Everyone can listen and practice, you do need a general license to participate beyond listening.

And, if you are trying to learn about winlink – there is a group called Hams on Winlink (or HOW) that can help. Bill Carter NC7C ([email protected]) or Randy Thomas K7RHT ([email protected]) can help you get signed up with HOW.

The Yakima County ARES Weather Spotter practice net meets the 4th Monday of each month at 1900 hours (7 PM). All weather spotters are welcome to participate. Kittitas county hams should use the Quartz Mtn. Repeater on 145.27, tone 123.0.

The Kittitas County ARES/RACES net meets every Sunday evening at 8:00 PM on the 147.360 repeater. (+ offset, tone of 131.8 or 141.3) Backup frequency, if needed, is 147.000 (+offset, 131.8 tone) with a simplex backup of 147.540. This is a directed net, if you are not a regular roll call member, please check in when the net control calls for visitors. Everyone is welcome. PS – the second tone listed above (141.3) activates the remote receiver on the Craigs Hill watertower. This is needed for areas that cannot reach the repeater directly – mostly downtown Ellensburg and areas southeast of Ellensburg. Try it if you have trouble reaching the repeater./p>

Recently on the regular Sunday net, we have had unexpected instances of needing an alternate net control person. One thing that becomes an issue when someone has to be net control at the last minute is the lack of a roster. Here is an idea that will make that situation easier and also provide good practice for everyone. When the net control calls the roster for check ins – write down the call signs as net control says them. At the end of the net, write the date on the paper and leave it near the radio so you will find it if needed. Besides providing a roster if you are needed to be net control, you will get practice writing things down as you hear them. And since that is what you will need to do in an emergency it's a good thing. Give it a try.

The Kittitas County round robin net, also known as virtual coffee, meets daily at 7:30 AM on 147.360. Everyone is welcome. This is an informal net, listen and check in when it seems appropriate.

Also, there is an informal DMR net each Wednesday at 8 AM on “TG local2”. This is an open format net, new DMR users and questions are welcome. Contact Carl Munson KG7JMI, 425-281-6644 or [email protected] for more information.

Hams meet for coffee/breakfast every Tuesday in Cle Elum at the Senior Center at 8:00AM. On Wednesday in Ellensburg meet at Super One at 8 AM. Everyone is welcome.

Both clubs have websites. and . Thank you to Jack Williams W7HNH who keeps them both updated.

Both clubs are ARRL affiliated clubs. Ask your treasurer for more information about that.

Please send comments, questions, ideas, or address changes to Gloria Sharp WA7GYD at 962-3820 or [email protected] or 7731 Reecer Creek Road, 98926. Your input is appreciated.

Remember the club meeting – RC2 and UKCARC - Saturday October 6, 8 AM, in Ellensburg at the Copper Kettle.