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At the entrance to the auditorium there was a tribute to His Majesty the King portraying his interest in amateur radio where he holds the callsign HS1A. HF and VHF transceivers along with CW keys and other equipment belonging to His Majesty was on display, as can be seen in these pictures, while an opportunity was provided for visitors to write a message of goodwill to the King.

NBTC hosts Thailand Amateur Radio Day on Dec 13, 2014

Thailand's National Broadcasting and Telecommunications Commission hosted Thailand Amateur Radio Day on Saturday, December 13, 2014 with booths and exhibits from amateur radio societies from around the country, a series of lectures and presentations, outside activities that included an ARDF competition, a VEC examination that was conducted by RAST and an extensive display of His Majesty the King, HS1A's amateur radio equipment.
The event began at 9 a.m. at the NBTC Secretariat on Soi Sailom (Phaholyothin Soi 8) and continued all day, with activities at the RAST booth including a contest station competing in the ARRL's 10-metre contest, a display of satellite equipment to be used in the forthcoming launch of a Thai amateur radio satellite next year, robotic equipment that can be used in rescue missions, APRS equipment and demonstrations, an amateur radio ballooning demonstration as a prelude to the planned launch on December 21 and much, much more.
RAST President Jack, HS1FVL was present along with most of the RAST committee members and tickets for the society's 50th anniversary celebration on January 24 at Sanam Suapa were on
sale while many visitors applied to become members of RAST during the day-long event, which was the climax of a week of amateur radio activities sponsored by the NBTC.
Many other amateur radio societies, assocations and club stations had booths and other activities, along with a day of presentations in the auditorium, while there was a fine display of His Majesty the King (HS1A)'s amateur radio equipment in the entrance hall of the auditorium. Nearby, a booth represented Her Royal Highness Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn, HS1D who has sponsored many trophies for amateur radio events.
Meanwhile, officials at the secretariat
of the NBTC were on hand to provide services such as the renewal of amateur radio operator licences which could be done on the spot and the event was a great opportunity for many eyeball QSOs among the attendees.
The pictures on this page portray just a few of the activities that took place during the day at the event, and include a few taken on the eve of the festival showing equipment being set up.

The photo (uppermost, at right) shows the booth that displays trophies for amateur radio activities bestowed by HRH Princess Maha
Chakri Sirindhorn, HS1D.
The picture below that shows the VEC examination in the NBTC Secretariat building that began on Saturday morning and which was led by Champ, E21EIC. This VEC exam featured an international team of examiners, including hams from Malaysia (picture thanks to E21EIC).
In the next photo (upper right) the staff of the NBTC Secrtariat are offering services to visitors at the event while the picture at right shows the operators of the station HS50RAST operating in the ARRL 10-metre contest at the RAST booth, part of which can be seen here. At right, RAST Treasurer Pornpimol and RAST Registrar JC are receiving applications for membership and answering enquiries. Champ (in the
blue shirt) is standing behind them.

Antennas were erected on the evening before the event, including this HF Yagi next to the RAST booth (thanks to Champ, E21EIC for this photo), while the interior of the RAST booth can be seen at right. On display there is APRS equipment and, like displays at many of the booths, there is an opportunity to cast a vote for the display, with the winning display aet to receive a prize after the votes were counted at the end of the event.

The ARDF competition is taking place here early in the afternoon. In the picture at left the competitors familiarise themselves with the equipment while at right, blindfolded, they have to put their newly-acquired skills to the test.

Tanan, HS1JAN (centre) explains Thailand's amateur radio satellite programme to visitors at the RAST booth while, at right, excellent lamyai cake from Lamphun was available at the HS5AL booth.

In the photo at left, NBTC Commissioner Gen Sukit Khamasundara (third from left) is seen with with Choon, E20HHK, Sakol, HS1JNB and Tony, HS0ZDX. In the photo at centre, Ray, HS4RAY (holding the antenna) is seen with Jack, HS1FVL while in the background are Thida, HS1ASC, Bob, HS0ZFD, Rudy, HS0ZEA and Karl, HS0ZKA (who is partially obscured) (thanks to Thichi Izozaki for this photo) while at right is RAST President Jakkree (Jack) HS1FVL.

Throughout the day there were presentations in the NBTC auditorium. At left, former RAST President Pornchai (Joe), HS2JFW gives a presentation on the morning of December 13 about D-STAR and digital modes while, at right, Manas, HS1DE takes the podium in the afternoon. Thanks to Champ for the photo at left.

In the photo at left this group spontaneously came together and cameras, iPads and smart phones appeared and many pictures were taken, while the picture at right was taken nearby and shows an impromptu gathering in front of the tent for the E20AE club station.

Thailand Amateur Radio Day was a great opportunity for radio amateurs to get together, for eyeball QSOs and for many to learn more about different aspects of the hobby. Congratulations to the NBTC for staging the event and RAST looks forward to an even bigger event on this occasion next year! Photos (where not credited) by Tony, HS0ZDX.

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