Upgrading station licence to Advanced Class for up to 1 Kw output
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Important notice for Advanced Class licence holders

In order to take advantage of the 1 kilowatt limit on output power that is authorised under an Advanced Class licence, licence holders must also have a 1Kw station licence.
In order to do obtain this -- or to upgrade your existing station licence -- the following documents are required.

1. A copy of your HS0Zxx Advanced Class licence
2. Copy of your passport
3. Copy of your radio (transceiver) licence
4. Copy of your House Registration
5. Copy of your House Owner's ID
6. Station address / telephone number
7. NBTC Form Kor Tor.21 (คท.21) download from this link
8. NBTC Form Kor Tor.2 (คท.2) download from this link
9. If you are the house owner please use KorTor.24 (คท.24) download from this link
10. NBTC proxy form: download from this link

Please scan all documents and email them to rastmember@gmail.com or e21eic@gmail.com

* The fee to process these documents is 3,500 baht which includes VAT, stamp duty and EMS postage fee (in Thailand)
* This payment should be made by transferring the sum of 3,500 baht to Siam Commercial Bank (SCB) Savings Account 081-2-57667-9 (account name: Chalermpol Muangamphun)
This covers the station licence application fee, stamp duty and the postage fee to send the licence to the applicant. Any balance will be accredited to RAST.
Please include the ATM receipt or bank slip (or copy of this) verifying the payment with your documents.
Among other privileges, upgrading to an Advanced Class licence allows a maximum output power of 1 Kilowatt.
(Any questions regarding this should be sent to: rastmember@gmail.com) If you prefer to process the station licence application by youself at NBTC total fee will be:
1,000W = 3,210 baht
200W = 2,140 baht
100W = 1,605 baht
For additional information in both Thai and English see here
With thanks to RAST Secretary Chalermpol Muangamphun (Champ), E21EIC and RAST Registrar Neeranuch Muangamphun (JC Goi), E20NKB for their help, for this information along with their assistance in processing Advanced Class station licence applications on behalf of RAST.