Activities of RAST during 2020
January 4, 2020: The Thai VE Team organized the US FCC Amateur Radio License Exam 1/2020 in Chiang Rai Province
January 12, 2020: The Society hosted a New Year party for 2020 and a workshop at the Rot Meu Mae Restaurant in Laksi, Bangkok with more than 80 members participating
January 15, 2020: The Society submitted a letter to the National Broadcasting and Telecommunications Commission (NBTC), requesting exams to award those who pass with intermediate and advanced amateur radio licences during the year 2020
January 22, 2020: The Society submitted a letter to the Office of NBTC, requesting that the callsigns of 13 persons who had made contributions to Thai amateur radio be preserved
January 24, 2020: The Society submitted a letter to the NBTC seeking to amend the minutes of the NBTC Board of Directors meeting No. 20/2019 in order for them to be correct
February 2, 2020: The monthly RAST meeting for February 2020 was held at Sena Place Hotel, Soi Phaholyothin 11, Bangkok
February 20, 2020: The Society, represented by HS0KRM as a lecturer, provided knowledge and a workshop for (new) students at Bangkok Christian school
February 26, 2020: Representing RAST, HS1FVL, HS1EFA, HS6MYW, E22WWZ, E20NKB and E21EIC attended a workshop to find out the requirements and appropriate techniques to prevent interference in the frequency range of 50-54 MHz at KMITL (Office of NTC 2007/ Wor. 5387)
March 1, 2020: The Society conducted the 2019 Annual General Meeting at Sena Place Hotel, Phaholyothin 11 Road, Bangkok when the QSL Bureau Manager reported that QSL cards managed by the society in 2019 comprised 18,615 inbound cards and 27,199 outbound cards, while the Registrar summarized new members during 2019 as follows: 9 Gold card lifetime members, 147 Silver card lifetime members, 133 annual members and three corporate members
March 2, 2020: In accordance with NBTC requirements, the society sent a report on its performance during 2019 to the NBTC
March 3, 2020: HS1FVL, the President of the Society, attended a meeting to discuss the preparation of action plans at the provincial level for communications at meeting room 803 of the Ministry of Digital Economy and Society (No. 0210 / Wor 1631)
April 17, 2020: The Society received notification from the Office of the NBTC regarding the publication of the JAISAT-1 (NGSO) satellite network document, being the JAISAT-1 Satellite API Document (NGSO) in BR IFIC Frequency Data No. 2917 dated March 31, 2020 ITU
April 30, 2020: The Office of the NBTC acknowledged the performance of the Society for the year 2019 in accordance with the NBTC's announcement regarding the criteria for the authorisation and regulation of amateur radio according to the publication NTC 2410/12066.17 and dated 30 April 2020
May 1, 2020: The President of the Society attended a meeting at the Office of NBTC
May 2, 2020: The Society was issued with the special callsign E2STAYHOME, valid until July 31, 2020
May 16, 2020: E21EIC, the Society's Secretary, received the CQ Amateur Radio Hall of Fame award from the CQ USA magazine
May 22, 2020: The Society took down the antennas and removed the HS0A club station from the campus of the Asian Institute of Technology (AIT) in Rangsit, Pathum Thani Province
May 29, 2020: The NBTC assigned the Society to act as an operating agency for spectrum coordination in the satellite communication business according to the letter NTC 2008/14584, dated May 29, 2020
May 30, 2020: HS1FVL, the Society's President, organized a quiz programme with all questions being about amateur radio, on 144.9375 MHz when the President had a chance to meet members
June 6-7, 2020: The Society participated in the COVID-19 "STAYHOME" Radio Communication Event by E24OYI, E29TGW and E21EIC
June 11, 2020: Members of the Society installed a tower at the second HS0AC Club Station location (E23NEZ) in Pathum Thani Province
June 28, 2020: The Society, with the help of members, installed an antenna and a DMR Repeater Station E24EZ at the HS0AC Club Station at Rajapruek University
July 1, 2020: The Society received permission from the Office of the NBTC to install a DMR Repeater via another network at the HS0AC Club Station at Rajapruek University in Nonthaburi Province
July 11-12, 2020: The Society participated in the IARU HF World Championship 2020 using the callsign E2HQ
July 17, 2020: Members of the Society attended a meeting to listen to opinions with stakeholders on the results of a spectrum improvement study according to the footnote T-P9 at the Army Auditorium on Vibhavadi Rangsit Road in Bangkok
July 24, 2020: HS2JFW, HS0ZDX and E21EIC together with ICOM America, jointly created a band plan for Thai radio amateurs which is a free download and is the copyright of ICOM USA and the Society:
August 1, 2020: The RAST monthly meeting for August 2020 was conducted at Baan Imm Sabuy restaurant in Pathum Thani
August 4, 2020: HS1FVL, E23NEZ, HS6MYW and E22UYH represented the Society on National Communications Day at the Office of the NBTC in Bangkok
August 7, 2020: HS2JFW represented RAST at a meeting at the Berkeley Hotel of a focus group for drafting a manual for people seeking to use international satellite channels to offer services in the country
August 15, 2020: The Thai VE Team organized the US FCC Amateur Radio License Exam 2/2020 for the second time in 2020 at KMITL, Bangkok
August 20, 2020: The Society terminated the contract to lease property for a club station on the campus of the Asian Institute of Technology (AIT)
August 31, 2020: HS1FVL and the Society's committee members participated in a seminar on the integration of knowledge about resuscitation in Nakhon Pathom Province
September 1, 2020: HS1FVL, the President of the Society, attended a meeting of a subcommittee at the Office of the NBTC in Bangkok
September 19, 2020: The Society presented innovations to help promote and help further their development at an event in Krabi Province organized by the NBTC and attended by the Society's representatives that included HS1FVL, HS1IFU, HS0KRM, HS5NMF, E23NEZ and E21FYK
September 24, 2020: The NBTC and the Society, represented by HS1AAZ, HS1FVL, HS1JZT, E23PKO and E21EIC, participated in a ceremony for His Majesty King Vajiralongkorn for the NBTC to present an advanced class amateur radio licence and the callsign HS10A along with ICOM IC-7300 and IC-9700 radios and accessories to His Majesty the King at Amporn Sathan Throne Hall in Dusit Palace
September 29, 2020: The Society assigned HS4SCI to represent RAST by attending the meeting of WRC-23 for the International Amateur Radio Union (IARU)
September 29, 2020: The Society entered into an agreement (MoU) with King Mongkut's Institute of Technology North Bangkok to jointly develop amateur radio satellites
September 30, 2020: The Society, represented by HS1FVL, E21FYK, HS1JAN, HS6MYW and E21EIC, participated in a ceremony to receive evidence of the permission to exercise the right to access satellites in orbit at the office building on the 1st floor of the Office of the NBTC in Bangkok
October 2, 2020: The Society's President, HS1FVL, being an IARU Region 3 Director, attended an IARU R3 meeting in a video conference
October 3-4, 2020: The Society organized a workshop and a demonstration of HF communications in a "RAST on the Beach" (ROB # 3) event at the Rock Garden Beach Resort, in Klaeng District of Rayong Province using the callsign HS0AC/2
October 3, 2020: The Thai VE Team organized a US FCC Amateur Radio Licence Exam (No. 3/2020) during the RAST on the Beach event in Rayong
October 7, 2020: The Society participated in a celebration to mark the 9th anniversary of the establishment of the NBTC at the NBTC's Office in Bangkok
October 15, 2020: On behalf of the Society, HS1FVL and E23PKO congratulated Mr. Orasit Samphantharat for his appointment to Deputy Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Interior in charge of security
October 16, 2020: The Society organized the third training session of the HF101 frequency utilization project through the Zoom Meeting system with speakers including HS1FVL, HS2JFW, E20HHK, HS5NMF and E21EIC
November 7, 2020: RAST conducted the monthly meeting for November 2020 at the Baan Imm Sabai restaurant in Pathum Thani
November 9, 2020: The Society, represented by HS1FVL, HS2JFW and HS4SCI, attended a focus group meeting for drafting a manual for people seeking a licence to use satellites in orbit
November 11, 2020: The Society received permission from the NBTC to set up an amateur radio station to test EME communications on frequencies of 432 MHz and 1296 MHz at the Embassy of Switzerland In Thailand using callsign HS0ZOP for a period of 90 days
November 14, 2020: The Society endorsed the Yaesu FT-4V VHF transceiver with 5 sets of equipment for the Yasothon Seedling Nursery Centre, according to the thank you document Tor Sor.1608.410/335 dated November 14, 2020
November 17, 2020: The NBTC has granted permission to use the frequency spectrum 438-439 MHz for a period of 180 days according to the NBC authorisation letter NTC 2410/35152
November 21-30, 2020: The Society operated from Chiang Mai province using the special callsign E2ICOM
November 24, 2020: The Society, represented by E21FYK and E21EIC. attended a public hearing for a (draft) announcement of the NBTC regarding granting permission to confirm, approve or perform other actions by electronic means at the NBTC Office in Bangkok
November 27, 2020: The Society, together with the GSR Company, held a ballooning signal testing event in Chiang Mai
December 2, 2020: The Society, represented by HS1FVL, HS2JFW, HS4SCI and E21EIC, attended a meeting to hear opinions on a (draft) NBTC proposal regarding the criteria and methods to grant the rights to use satellites in the form of a package at the Amari Watergate Hotel
December 11, 2020: The Society, represented by HS1FVL, as a subcommittee member, attended a workshop entitled "The Supervision and Development of Amateur Radio in the era of digital transformation" at the Century Park Hotel in Bangkok
December 19, 2020: The Thai VE Team organized the US FCC Amateur Radio License Exam No. 4/2020 at KMITL in Bangkok
December 23, 2020: The Lampang Amateur Radio Society in cooperation with the Radio Amateur Society of Thailand under the Patronage of His Majesty the King and the Department of Defence and Natural Disaster Relief (Lampang) supported equipment to test and experiment with an Intelligent Disaster Warning System by HS5IGY HS8KVH in order to effectively prepare for disaster warnings
December 23, 2020: The Society's Technical Team led by HS1FVL, HS5NMF, HS0KRM, E21FYK, E23NEZ, E22UYH, HS6MYW and E21EIC improved the antenna and the radio system for HF frequency bands at the HS0AB Office Communications Center (Sailom) and checked the emergency communications vehicle
December 26-27, 2020: The Society, represented by HS0KRM, HS5NMF and E22UYH installed a radio station donated by the Society to the Royal Forestry Department for use at the Huai Kha Khaeng Wildlife Sanctuary World Heritage Site and the Khao Nang Ram Wildlife Research Station in Uthai Thani Province
December 31, 2020: The Society's Registrar E20NKB provided a summary of membership for the year 2020, being six Gold Card Lifetime members (with one foreign member), 114 Silver Card Lifetime members (with 3 foreign members) 34 5-year members, 103 annual members and 4 corporate members
December 31, 2020: From January 1 to December 31, 2020 VHF test signals from the HS0AC club station on the frequency of 144.9375 MHz were made every Friday from 8 p.m. to 9 p.m. by E24UVL
December 31, 2020: The Society represented by HS1FVL, HS0KRM, HS5NMF, E21FYK, E23NEZ installed APRS Igate station for radio stations covering all regions of the country from 1 Jan - 31 Dec 20 with 45 stations
Note:Due to the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak, many RAST activities during 2020 had to be cancelled
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