Scenes from our New Year get-together on Saturday January 8, 2005

The annual RAST New Year party was held in the garden of our President, Mrs Mayuree Chotikul, HS1YL, at her QTH on Saturday, January 8, 2005. Over 30 members and guests attended, including visitors from the Philippines (Eddie - DU1EV), Cambodia and Diego Garcia (Roger - VQ9OG, W9ROG).

Those present heard first-hand accounts from the group of hams active on VHF, HF and Echolink, led by Phat HS1WFK (see introductory article), and also from Charley, K4VUD, who was in Port Blair, Andaman (VU4) with the DXpedition there which he helped to co-ordinate, when the earthquake struck.

This group photo was taken towards the end of the evening - HS0ZDX photo

Gen Prasit, HS1DN, presents his wrapped gift to RAST President and host HS1YL - HS1WFK

Al, E20NXT, left with some of the hams who helped out using Echolink after the tsunami disaster, with RAST First Vice President Chaiyong, HS1QVD (centre) - HS1WFK

Tony Waltham, HS0ZDX, listens, as Charley Harpole, K4VUD, recounts being shaken out of bed in Port Blair by the earthquake on December 26, 2004 - HS1WFK

RAST Gold member, contester and DXer John Gagen, W2YR, with Eddy, HS0/EA4BKA - HS1WFK

Gen Prasit, HS1DN, and Yanee, HS1LCC, take the microphone to serenade partygoers - HS1WFK

Shortly before most of the guests arrived, it was time for a "Sundowner" under the TH6DXX and stacked 6-metre array at HS1YL/HS1WR Memorial station - HS0ZDX