RA3DQ VHF activity page

1.General Info:

I am with HAM Radio VHF from 1982 (with UK3AAC, UZ3AWC, and now RK3AWC Club station team). But my personal VHF activity has been started in July 1998. In July 1998 I've got purchased Icom-746 transceiver with excellent 2 meters band. In august 1998 I've build my first VHF Antenna (home made F9FT with 16 el.). Since that time I've got hundreds beautiful QSOs on 144 and a little on 432 mHz. I've got 17 Countries and 89 WW Grid QTH Locators. You can find a list of my correspondents on CW/SSB on 144 mHz (outside of FM!!!) here..

My Locator is KO85US. Central part of Moscow city (near "Baumanskaya" metro station)

But this place is very noisy (hi-hi)!!.

2.VHF contesting:

Unfortunately there is no rich Russian VHF Contest's activity today. We've got the only 2 VHF Contests for 1999:

You can see Russian VHF Field day on July, 25-26 1998 page. And there is information bulletin about Field Day - 1999 Contest (July, 3-4, 1999).

3.MS activity:

It's a great pleasure to work via MS! But it's very hard. I am using MS-DSP software from 9A4GL with my Pentium-233MMX (32/1,6 SB Creative 64AWE). You could see my Leonid's log in shower on 17 Nov 1998. It was a beautiful shower!.

By the way I'm ready for MS sked on 144 always!

Just contact me ( mailto:[email protected], ICQ 19191941)