My "Dx-pedition" to South Africa (16.04-29.04)

1.General Info:

I would like to inform You that my DX-pedition to Cape Town, South Africa was successfully finished! I've made 1600 QSO during 17.04.99 till 28.04.99. There are my results sorted by bands:

40 mtrs.

30 mtrs.

20 mtrs.

17 mtrs.

15 mtrs.

12 mtrs.

10 mtrs.











If You had a QSO with ZS1/RA3DQ you can find it in my LOG (Just click!) As for ZS1/UA3HK he made about 300 QSO.

As for my opinion - that's good results like with special DX-pedition. We visited Cape Town on business. There was not a lot of time for the air. Mostly was on evening.

Our equipment was the following:

Photo gallery:

It's me in our hotel Leisure beach

ZS1/UA3HK (Oleg Neruchev) ex 4K1HK

It's again me near our GP for 20 mtrs band on a our apartment's balcony

ZS1/UA3HK and me ZS1/RA3DQ on our apartments - near antenna.

Beautiful evening in Cape Town

I am very appreciated to all who help me in this DX-pedition. And great thanks to all my correspondents with ZS1/RA3DQ. QSL will be available soon.

73 from ZS1/RA3DQ!!!!! See You soon!