My name is Karen Tadewosyan, radioamateur callsign is RA3APW.          I was born in Moscow in 1959. I was fond of radioelectronics when I was twelve. 

I graduated the Radiotechnics Faculty of Moscow Power Engineering  Institute (MEI) specializing in radioelectronic devices in 1982. Then I developed active UHF transmitting modules for phased lattice antennas and some other things at a research institute in Moscow. 

Since 1976 I had been working at the club station UK3AAC of MEI. 
I spent much time on the air in VHF and UHF contests then. I got the call sign RA3APW of the third grade in 1980. I have the first grade call sign since 1996.

In 1989 I begun packet radio activities. In 1991-1992 I developed some models of packet radio controllers.

In 1992 I begun the work for integratation the Internet and the packet radio. The first AMPR gateway in exUSSR was set up at DEMOS company in 1993. At that time I was nominated as the national coordinator of the AMPR network [44.178/16] in Russia.

I am active on 9600 bps packet satellites KO-23, KO-25 and UO-22  since 1996.

Nowadays I'm developing devices and software for packet radio telemetry in cooperation with Alexander Sidorin, RX3ARH.

I'm working as the chief of technical department of the Compass+Radio company.

I'm married and my wife Natalie has callsign RW3ABI. I have a son  Maxim (1983) and a daughter Anne (1993).

I speak English and French a little.

You can get in touch with me:

 - by sending a message to email: [email protected]

 - by Moscow phone 956-13-94 from 9 AM till 6 PM GMT+3; 

 - by sending a message to pager 80152 tel. 974-2222 or 961-3333; 

 - by sending a message to my pager via Email or WWW.

 - by sending a message to ICQ 4752559.


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