Pixie 2 This is a complete xtal control CW transceiver with full break-in. The transmitter produces about 400mW (BFY-51) CW on 3.5 MHz band. Receiver is a direct conversion type, improved audio amp with a low pass filter stage, sensitive enough to copy most of the signals.

40m/20m QRP Dual Bander This Xtal control CW transciver gives about 1.5w output on 20m and/or 40m Dand. Direct conversion reciever works with a dual gate mos-fet mixer, where their is a good convertion gain. Although it looks complicated, don't forget it works on two bands.

Very Famous Norcal 49er... They sell this 40 meter DC rcver, Two transisiter VXO controlled TX Transcievr for US$ 25 as a kit! I also wanted to buy one. But I was too late, all sold out. But one can make this easyly in few evenings to go on air.

Norcal 38 Spcial This one has got a better rceiver, SuperHeat. Full breakin with state of the art solid state switch, Logic chip type transmitter with side tone. If some one can convert this for 40, 20 or 15 meter band, it would have been very interesting. Any way that does not mean 30m band 38s is useless, its wonderful rig.

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