HamCom It is almost all mode. It can be used for RTTY, Ascii, NevTex, Sitor, Amtor, Fec, Fax, SSTV and even CW. Circuit is very simple and it works 100% first time. I built it on a bred board worked grate.

All IC AF Amp This can be used with almost any qrp project. Op-amp pre-amplifier and a LM386 power amp gives more than enough audio to drive a speaker. It is simple, useful and very high gain.

How to get 74dB gain with LM386 ICs We all know LM386 is a nice small amplifier that can give about 40dB gain. But this nice Japanese ham will tell you how to get 74dB from LM386. I tried, it works!

Adjustable 2A Regulated Powe SupplyThis is an ideal power supply for a low current home made station. I have experienced just a 7812 3pin Regulater (or LM317) does not give enough current (about 900mA) for some of our projects. This is the solution.

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