What is the Quarter Century Wireless Association (QCWA)?
       The Quarter Century Wireless Association was organized to Promote friendship and cooperation among Amateur Radio operators who were licensed at least a quarter century agoThe organization was founded in 1947 and has members and chapters around the World. During its existance, the QCWA has had almost 30,000 members, of which about 10,000 are still living.  Among the more famous ones are Barry Goldwater, who served a time as the National President of QCWA. A great deal of the growth and dynamic character of QCWA, since it was founded, is a direct result of the Chapters chartered across the continent and around the world, within which there are 212 Chapters. These Chapters are self-governing, making an annual report to Headquarters, and they operate in substantial agreement with the QCWA Constitution and By-Laws.
       The National office assigns chapter numbers, membership numbers, publishes a quarterly "Journal" for its members, and represents us in Washington, D.C. The local chapters usually have weekly nets on the air, regular monthly meetings, and occasional social functions which involve the families.
       Members may belong to multiple local Chapters, although for the purposes of Headquarters' recordkeeping, each can designate a Home Chapter. Regardless of local affiliation, every QCWA member is welcome to partake of all local and national QCWA meetings and on-the-air activities.
       Activities within QCWA range from the local -- belonging to or organizing a Chapter in your area. Local chapters are involved with all areas of Amateur Radio. -- to the national, when we meet for a National Convention each year in October -- to the international, during our two QSO Parties
You must have been first licensed at least 25 years ago and you must be a member of National before you can join a chapter as regular member.

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