This newsletter is updated monthly. Contributions are welcomed from all members. The chapter bulletin will highlight individuals in our club, amateur radio topics and activities. At this point nothing is definite about this newsletter. In the future we may find a better name for the bulletin. we are open to all suggestions.

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Table of Contents
* President's Message for 2012
* Listing of Local Nets
* Annual Report for 2011
* For Sale de W6MMG
* 2012 QCWA National Convention - Reno, Nevada NEW updated 01/12/2012


First of all, my apologies for letting the website go with out updates for several months. I've been busy with the convention and some personal activities. So I do appreciate it when someone volunteers to help. I am getting caught up but still will concentrate on the convention. This website will be the center for the convention news, activities, reservations, and updates.

Last year, I said “ The best thing about a convention on a cruise is all the activities for our non-ham guests - shows, dining, dancing, spas, sightseeing, or just relaxing.” With minimal effort, we came up with Reno as the convention site where . with a little effort, we could produce an excellent convention and a memorable experience to all the attendees, their families, and guests.

I proposed that to the QCWA National board of director's and several convention-related persons. Well, be careful of what you ask for! We got the convention and are well on our way. It has been a lot of work but I think we will have an excellent convention. I have been suprised at the cooperation from everybody. Particularly, all the people in Reno that are helping us.

I'll be updating this page as time is available. For the time being, I will be concentrating on convention related items.

Till then 73 de Al WB6IMX


VHF: Saturday 1000 local time
146.925MHz PL 114.8
HF: Sunday 0930 local time

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Minutes of Annual Business Meeting 16 November 2011 and End of Year Report

The chapter meeting was held at Harry's Hofbrau in Redwood City. Introductions and general information was presented. After a short discussion on the upcoming 2012 convention, there was a short discussion of the officers for the coming year. Darryl. WA6YTD, made a motion that the current officers remain for another year. The motion was seconded byDave Billeci, WA6UHA. A quorum was present and no further comments were made, the motion was put to a vote. The motion passed by unanimous approval of all the members present.

The following annual report has been submitted to QCWA National:

The officers of the this chapter for 2012 are:

President Al Montoya, WB6IMX
Vice President Peter Van Putten, WA6UDU
Secretary Adrianus Schrauwen, W6AJS
Treasurer Brad Wyatt, K6WR
Director Darryl Cohen, WA6YTD
Director Dave Billeci, WA6UHA
Director Don Chambers, AE6WH

Number of chapter meetings - 12.
Location of meetings -- Harry's Hofbrau, Redwood City CA.

New members in 2011 - 1.
Total Chapter membership --- 34

VHF Net Saturday 1000hrs Local time 146.925 MHz Pl = 114.8Hz Net Control: Al WB6IMX
HF Net Sunday 0930hrs Local time 3907 Khz Net Control: various

Club Call : K6QCW

Website: http://www.qsl.net/qcwa-11/

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1. 40-foot tower (four ten-foot sections Ready for pick up. Asking price $300
2. 3-Element Cushcraft A-3 Beam Antenna (30-. 15-, & 10-meter bands). Asking price $350
Al Newbold, W6MMG
(650) 593-5683

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RENO, NEVADA - - - Sept. 24 - 27

Besides the tours, we will have presentations, a banquet and Broadway-type entertainment. Note that I say banquet not dinner. Harrah's has an excellent menu and food preparation staff. By June, we should have a listing of the shows that will be playing in September. We can publish the list and get a disounted block of tickets for our group. This will also be available in the bulletins.

There is so much information that I can't include it in one or two pages but will expand the information on the website and in the e-mail bulletins where I can elaborate on different tours, activities, include color photgraphs and provide links. Additional information will also contain more reservation information on Harrah's and links to the Registration Form. Registration for the convention is seperate from the room reservations. We do have a direct link to Harrah's Reservation Site that includes our reservation code, SW09QCWA. The link is HARRAH'S RESERVATIONS.     I'll will be setting up a more conprehensive web page with links under the 2012 CONVENTION link on our home page.

We need to contact other clubs and organizations that might want to be included in our convention as presenters or just as attendees. It doesn't matter if they are QCWA members. In fact, having non-members attend gives us a broader range of potential presentations and future members. Will try and have some incentives for individuals that join during the convention. I have a package to send out to organizations and individuals. If you have any contacts or know of any organizations, please contact me and I'll send out a package.

As events unfold, I will update this information. list the committees, programs, and activities. Tentative schedule is as follows:

Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday (9/23-9/25) will have short tours available for those not attending a program.<\i>

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