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Know a little more on SPCG

The history of the Group begins in a very recent past, about August of 1996. when some radio amateurs of the city of São Paulo decided to be organized with the purpose of enlarging knowledge and operation techniques in you Answer, as well as, to represent the city of São Paulo and the Country in the means international radio amateurs.

The idea appeared after we verify that there was great interest on the part of the radio amateurs from São Paulo and Brazilian in this modality type, but that there was not any consultation source in Portuguese language.

The result of that almost went to formation that spontaneous of a radio amateurs group that finds us you Answer, inexhaustible source of motivation and of strong emotions inside of Hobby and that it intends to supply that lack of information, disclosing in the best possible way and in Portuguese language, all the charms and secrets of the modality.

Formed by radio amateurs of several generations, we will be taking advantage of all the experience of those that were, and that they continue being, the representatives from Brazil in the international competitions, as well as, we are the sure of could count with the limitless disposition and willpower of the more youths, that are not measuring efforts to reach the objectives of the group.

Some integral of the group they are already acting close to scouts groups. participating initially of you answer national (when transceivers and antennas are installed in the headquarters of these groups) so that that new radio amateurs generation interested by the modality, he/she can acquire experience and in the future to come to integrate São Paulo Contest Group in the international competitions.

Another concern that we have is in relation to the elevated medium age of the radio amateurs in activity, that is to say, we needed to place ' young blood' in the community national radio amateur, motivating the young guys to enter in Hobby. As like gave to notice, are worried in forming good operators of radio, rescuing the motivation and the enthusiasm for Hobby, as well as showing for the world that we made an effort for we be not just better in soccer or carnival, but in the radio amateur also.

Congratulations to all those that it maintains lit the flame of the passion for the you Answer and for Hobby, that don't measure efforts when they cross continents and oceans to set up its antennas and stations in islands or in local a lot of times poor, but that do it for the simple pleasure of competing and of providing rare moments of true satisfaction so that those that are comfortably accommodated in yours ' shacks' looking for for new multipliers and countries.

Congratulations also to the Brazilian groups of you Answer, that represent among the best of the world, and that without shade of doubts are worthy of our admiration and inspiration.

Although the name of the group is a form of to homage and to disclose São Paulo, radio amateurs of all the States and Countries are invited to share of the work of the group that will be developed.

In the moment we are working in the sense of improving our shacks, because as in any great city, the space for antennas is very limited.

But they are not animated with that, because even so we will be hard ... hi hi hi.

Forced the whole ones.

São Paulo Contest Group

For PY2EX - Eger
Adapted by PY2RKM - Rey

Members of São Paulo Contest Group

Rey - PY2RKM Dil (Dilson) - PY2GY Sandro - PY2SR Rosana - PY2BEG Rick - PY2RIK

Eger - PY2EX Egon - PY2BW Cesar - PY2YP Junior - PY2WVT PU2YZP - Mário

Fred - PY2XB João - PY2NQ PY2FR PY2RO

Competitions in that São Paulo Contest Group is active

ARRL International Contest (CW and SSB)
CQWW WPX Contest (CW and SSB)
All Asian DX Contest (CW and SSB)
WAE - Worked All Europe DX Contest (CW and SSB)
CQWW DX Contest (CW and SSB)
ARRL 10 M Contest (CW and SSB)


Rua Dr. Miguel Vieira Ferreira No. 345-A
ZIP CODE 03071-080 Phone: 295-7820 / 294-1047 / FAX 293-7207
São Paulo, SP - Brasil