In September 2003, The Saint Peter and Saint Paul Archipelago will be active again by 15 days in the HF bands of 40, 30, 20, 17, 15, 12 and 10m. 6m is in duty because until now I can't find a 6m tranceiver. The operation modes will be RTTY, PSK-31 and SSB. This island is located in Atlantic Ocean, about 1000 km from Natal-RN and is mainted by Marinha do Brasil who come being a excellent work in suport some researchs in place. In the island the disbark not is easy, using rubber boats, needing adicional carefull with rigs since sometimes the sea is rough and the enviroment is hard with rigs because the marine sprays.

The callsign to be used in this DX-Pedition will be again ZW0S. Will be operated only by me, and I ask by pacience in pile-ups. As I am in island to make a geological research, sometimes I will not be active, once that i will divide my time between radio and research/scientifical station activities.

Please visit the Sponsors section and see who is helping and suporting this DX-Pedition.

Just I arrive back to home, I will put the logbook in this page, as the story, pictures and others aspects of this trip. The QSLs will be avaiable maximum 2 month I arrive. See QSL information. Be generous with donations since I need this to can get better rigs to use in the future.

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