Keith Page - N1FTE - President, PRG

Welcome to the new OFFICIAL website of the Portland Repeater Group!  After much debate (and mindless bellyaching by the former webmaster) we have arrived at our new home with a much needed facelift.   Kudo's to Jeff - K1PIR for all of his hard work in making this new site a reality.   I firmly believe our little Group is about to transcend our humble beginnings as a small cluster of mostly misfit (and believe me, I say that with the utmost respect) amateurs, to one that will be taken seriously, admired and revered in the area.  We could not accomplish this without all of you.  This has become a very active and fun repeater much to the dismay of the "superhams" in the area who believe "there are too many repeaters in Portland".  Plans are being made as we speak to make the Group even stronger.  We should have a VE team in place very soon, which will enable us to give something back to the hobby and to the Portland area hams who haven't seen a regularly structured exam session calendar in quite some time.  The time could come where we might attract enough interest into having a little "junkfest" in the area.  The possibilities are endless!  I can only hope that you will all stick around for a long time to come and take part in all of the madness to which we call home.  Thanks for all your support!

Keith - N1FTE - 7/19/00

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