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The 444.600 machine does have an autopatch available for everyone's use.  The patch only allows calls which are local to Portland, including the towns of Portland, S Portland, Scarborough, Cape Elizabeth, Westbrook, Gorham, Gray, Yarmouth, Freeport, Falmouth, Windham, Pownal, Cumberland, and Peaks Island, as well as certain local cell phone exchanges.  If there is an exchange that is local that you would like to use that is not currently available, feel free to contact Keith (N1FTE) to have it added.  The autopatch has a time out timer of 3 minutes.  If you need more time there is a reset code below.  There is also a reverse patch, however the number is not available to the general public.  Here are the codes to access the autopatch:

* followed by the number you wish to dial

Brings up the autopatch


Closes the autopatch

* *

Redials the last number dialed

* * 3

Resets the time out timer

* 911

Emergency 911 Access


Opens the reverse patch when ringing

For a downloadable, printable and cutable business card for your wallet with all the repeater codes in Adobe Reader PDF format, Click Here

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