In the early afternoon on May 12, Year of our lord (enter deity of choice) Two Thousand. We being of sound body and mostly sober mind, do come together to form out of the fabric of reality, this group (club, gang, gaggle, oversize triumvirate) for the expressed purpose of doing absolutely nothing.

To this goal we dedicate our Lives, Ohms and Rubber Ducks. Forsaking all others, we will cleave unto only the following tenets of our lives.

1. It is the desire of PRG to promote integrated equipment, to fulfill our desire to interactively revolutionize diverse quality rate of growth, to ban the competition out of the market, to accomplish this task, we will be dedicated to building multimedia based repeaters for generating enormous synergy on the world.

2. Our vision is to proactively synthesize the specified authorities to reduce its restrictions upon its underlings

3. Repeater users can count on PRG to efficiently restore prospective leadership skills in order to glamorize fundamental satisfactions. We will do this by generally coordinating repeater wide infrastructures because that is what the public expects and is in need of fulfilling.

4. It is our responsibility to seamlessly coordinate all services to become the best communications partner in the market. Therefore, the world can expect us to quickly increase progressive quality rate of growth in order to prove rapid excellence satisfactions communication endpoints. We will globally utilize diverse meta services in order to provide never ending communications. You, the user, can count on PRG to competently provide access to error free paradigms, in order for you to gain total communications satisfaction.

5. We believe the best way to accomplish these goals, is to continue our current path to fulfilling the motto of PRG." A group that goes out of its way to piss off the establishment"