The Portland Repeater Group was born on May 12, 2000 when its founding members decided the (then N1FTE) repeater, needed a quasi-official supporting collective of hams that would help promote the goals of its members.  Keith - N1FTE, Chuck - N1MSA and Mike - KA1RTW came up with the name of the Group and suggested a callsign change for the machine.  After a quick poll, W1CKD was picked and promptly applied for.

The Group has been responsible for the addition of the DVR and temperature sensor to the repeater by way of donations to the owner, and some of its members have given countless hours of labor for the benefit off all who use the machine.  Because of our achievements (and the owners), we have presented Portland with the most technically advanced repeater around.  The machine offers excellent coverage of downtown and the city, with good coverage UHF for many miles outside of the city limits (see the coverage map in the Repeater Info page).  The repeater also has a 6 Meter link with the 53.37 W1ZOU machine in Parsonsfield, ME which can extend its coverage throughout Southern Maine and New Hampshire plus simplex frequencies for those who like to chase DX on VHF, and, WE HAVE THE ONLY FULL FEATURED, WORKING AUTOPATCH IN ALL OF PORTLAND!  

PRG welcomes all kinds of hams that can't seem to find a home on other repeaters in Maine since they don't mesh well with what we like to call "Super Fine Business Amateurs" (you know, the BS artists who try to make you believe that they have done everything you and everyone else has done, only better, and that they KNOW ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING ABOUT EVERYTHING!).   We DON'T play that game.  Yes we may be "renegades" and "cranialy deficient", but we have a hell of good time!!! 

Come join us!  We WON'T charge a penny!


Our Current group of Officers and Members include.

Club Pres. N1FTE King Keith

Club Chief Op. N1MSA Psycho Chuck

Demolition Officer KA1RTW Rev Dr. Mike

Media Officer KB2EVL Video Don

Audio Consultant KA1IOD Radio Mike

Tech Insultant N1FCU Annoying John

Head FEM N1FTY Lovely Sylvie

Repeater Grandfather K1HAX Pinball Al

Repeater Gopher Boy K1PIR Dummy Jeff

Ringmaster WZ1J Hippie Steve

Mad Trucker W6BZ Big Zits John

Fringe Area Expert W4KSR Weak Signal Mark

Beverage Enforcement Agent KB6YNO Wine-O Eric

Midnight Check-In N1IJD Up All Night Steve

6 Meter AM/FM Expert K1AAM Big Signal Brian