1950's Postcards of Lajes Field, Azores

Postcard of Lajes Field, looking south Airport Terminal
looking south

Postcard of Lajes Field, looking north Line of B-36 (weather recon squadron ?) refueling trucks postcard 1 vantage
looking north

   These photos predated our July 1954 stay.  There were no large USAF     
contingents of C-124 or B-36 aircraft (as in the 2nd card) present then.   

   The vantage of the first card seems to have been from the area in the   
extreme-right-center edge of the second one - with their overlap area of   
construction differences showing that they were not contemporaneous (the   
second being the newer).                                                   

   Not too many places that I've been where one could look 180-degrees and 
see open ocean in each direction!  Actually, as I recently learned from    
maps on associated Web Sites, Lajes Field is situated on a narrow neck of  
land on the southeast corner of an island much larger than can be really   
appreciated from just being at the airport.  The land rises steeply to the 
west of the field (with many small farms dotting the slope) within a short 
distance giving the false impression that (if symmetrical) there's not much
land on the other side!                                                    

   Our near-midnight arrival at the Airport Terminal where the USAF MD was
awaiting to examine me got complicated in a few ways.  First, yet another  
family on the plane then wanted their ill child to be checked out as well. 
The doctor wasn't keen on that - he hadn't intended to be holding a clinic!
Then, after we were "grounded" and got billeted in officer quarters, it was
realized that our baggage was still on the MATS DC-6.  A few quick phone   
calls further delayed that flight until that was taken care off.  I've no  
idea how far off-schedule that made its stateside arrival later in the day.


Created: December 13, 2001
Updated: December 22, 2001