RealAudio File

The following is a Real Audio file (37-kb) than runs for apx 19 seconds.
(This is an excerpt from a third-generation copy.)  Many thanks for the
assistance of N5JEH in creating it.

The original recording was made by Glenn Hauser when he was with the USAF
at Korat AFB (Nakhon Ratchasima) in Thailand and is of diurnal equatorial
sporadic-E on 94.2 MHz from Singapore (at apx 1000 miles) at 0545 Z on
28 September 1970.  This is near noon local time and has a midpoint almost
on the geomagnetic dip-equator.  Note the extreme choppiness to the signal
(very similar sounding to the nocturnal F2-related TE flutter).
The broadcast is in the Malay language.

See the October 1997 issue of QST (pp 39-41) for an excellent description
of the phenomenon in the article by Dr. Whitehead.

94-MHz Es-q


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