The rules to get the award are:

1. The award is issued by section Alkmaar of VERON - Holland (Netherlands

National Amateur Radio Society).

2. To get the DUTCH LIGHTHOUSE AWARD you must make QSO's with a Netherlands

lighthouse; lightships do not count.

3. Confirmed QSO's on or after 1 janauri 2002 are valid for the award.

4. The lighthouse must be confirmed by QSL card and clearly identified by

the name of the lighthouse and/or number according to the ARLS LH-list.

5. There are 3 different awards:

Award 1: for confirmed QSO's with 5 lighthouses in the Netherlands;

Award 2: for confirmed QSO's with 10 lighthouses in the Netherlands;

Award 3: for confirmed QSO's with 15 lighthouses in the Netherlands.

6. The fee for the award is: 5 EURO's or 5 US $, this includes first class mail.

7. In activating a lighthouse the station must be operating from the

lighthouse building itself, or from a adjacent building belonging to the

lighthouse, or from a mobile/portable site within a maximum distance of 500

metres landbased from the lighthouse.

8. Same rules for SWL stations.

9. Application for the award should be send, together with (GCR) list of the

QSO's (confirmed by two radio hams) and including the fee for the award, to:

K. Bakkum - PA3EEQ,

Wilheminastraat 96,

1931 BT Egmond aan Zee.


10. Any profit will be donated to the Royal Netherlands Lifeboat Society


All the Lighthouse stations on this link

For more information mail to: A de Jong PA0XAW[email protected]