HAM Radio Projects

VLF Ontvangers

136kHz LF Pre-Amplifier by GØMRF

VLF/LF to 28.5 MHz RX Converter by DF3LP

VLF Zendontvangers

136kHz Transverter by GW4ALG

136kHz Transverter (RX) by G3YMC

136kHz Transverter (TX) by G3YMC

VLF Zenders

137kHz CW transmitter by OZ2CPU

137kHz Low Power Transmitter by DF3LP

300 Watt 136kHz Transmitter by GØMRF

Build a 136kHz Tx... or Two! by G3YXM

The Marathon - QRP TX for 136kHz by GW4ALG

VLF Versterkers

100 Watt 13.8 Volt Amplifier by GØMRF

400 W Power Amplifier by GW4ALG

Quarter kiloWatt Linear Amplifier by GØMRF

Multiband HF Ontvangers

12BH7A 12V Autodyne Receiver by JA9MAT

17EW8 Regenarative Radio by JF1OZL

All Valve Receiver by SMØVPO

Battery Powered Regen Tube RX by K5BCQ

CW Receiver for 80 and 40m by KC6WDK

Fireball SOP Receiver by N2CX

General Coverage RX by Gary Pershin

Low Voltage Two Tube Regen RX by K5BCQ

MW Reflex Receiver by SMØVPO

PLL Wideband Radio by JF1OZL

Regenerative Receiver by PA2OHH

Regenerative RX with 6SN7GT by SM5GNN

Short Wave Listening Radio by JF1OZL

ShortWave Receiver 10kHz-30MHz by PA2OHH

ShortWave Rx 10kHz-30MHz (New) by PA2OHH

Simple Regen Radio for Beginners

Small Regenerative Receiver by PA2OHH

SW Ontv met Spectrum Monitor Functie PA2RF

Synthesised HF Receiver by SMØVPO

The Sudden HF Receiver by G3RJV (via G3YCC)

Transistor Radio Receiver by GØUPL

Two Tubes Regenerative Receiver by IT9XXS

Valve Radio Receiver by GØUPL

Masthead PreAmp by SMØVPO

Multiband HF Zendontvangers

4-Band Portable CW Transceiver by GØUPL

Cigar Box Receiver by SMØVPO

Four Band CW Transceiver by PA2OHH

"HappyHolidays TRX" by PA2OHH

"Het Wiel" DSB Transceiver door PA3ANG

HF Transceiver by EI9GQ

HF Transceiver by I6WJB & I6YPK


MultiPIG Homepage by W8DIZ

MultiPig 20 Transceiver by W8DIZ (via W8PIG)

MP20 PLL Frequency Synthesizer by AA3SJ

"MY TRX" CW QRP Transceiver by PA2OHH

QRP SSB Transceiver by WB9IPA

Quick Receiver by SMØVPO

Two Regen Receivers by SMØVPO

Wall Wart Powered "Joneset" Trx by K5BCQ

Multiband HF Zenders

1/2 Watt CW Transmitter by N7KSB (via KJ5TF)

1 Röhren 5W Telegraphie Sender von DL9EBA

1 Valve CW Transmitter by SMØVPO

2 Valve CW Transmitter by SMØVPO

Cigar Box Transmitter by SMØVPO

5W CW HF Transmitter by SMØVPO

500mW CW Transmitter by KC6WDK

3W 2-Band CW Transmitter by KC6WDK

Jersey Fireball 40 by NJQRP

"Mister T" Transmitter by W1FRM

"Multi-Four" VXO Transmitter by GW4ALG

The ONER HF Trx by GM3OXX (via G3YCC)

The 'OXO' All Band Trx by GM3OXX (via G3YCC

Voxner HF Tx By G4VAM (via G3YCC)

Multiband HF Versterkers

Basic RF HF Amps by SMØVPO

100W Linear Amp with MRF454 (CQHAM.RU)

1kW Linear Amplifier by VK4YE (via VK4LAJ)

3w HF QRP linear by SMØVPO

4-1000A Project HF Amp by NT8N

500 Watt PA by SMØVPO

70-100W Transistor Versterker door PAØFRI

813's Amplifier on 10-80m by VK6BGN

813's Grounded Grid on 20-160m by VK6BGN

813 Linear Amplifier Project by WB8ERJ

HF Linear Amplifier by EI9GQ

HF Linear RF Power Amplifier by YBØAH

Mini Power Williamson Amplifier by JF1OZL


PL519 150W Versterker door PAØFRI

PL519 400W Versterker door PAØFRI

Push-Pull Lin Amp w. NE592 Driver by DL2YEO

QRO GU-84B Tetrode by NI4L

QRP HF Linear Amplifier by SMØVPO

TB3/750 HF Versterker door PAØFRI

160m Ontvangers

160m Conversion for AM Radios by SMØVPO

1L4 Single Vacuum-Tube Radio by JF1OZL

2 Röhren Reflex Empfänger von DL9EBA

Regenerative Receiver by SMØVPO

160m Zendontvangers

160m 6w CW TRX by JF1OZL

160m Zenders

LM317 Transmitter by SMØVPO

Sender mit Röhre RS291 von DL9EBA

160m Versterkers

80m Ontvangers

80 Metre Receiver by EI9GQ

80m Band Direct Conversion RX by DL2YEO

80m DC Ontvanger door PA2RF

80m Enkelsuper ARDF Ontvanger door PAØNHC

80m One Chip Receiver with NE602

'One Chip' Receiver by GØFQI (via G3YCC)

80m SSB/CW Superhet Ontvanger door PA2RF

80m Vossenjacht Ontvanger door PE7M

Home-Brew Regenerative Receiver

HRX80 Peilontvanger/Receiver door PAØHRX

Integrated Circuit Receiver by SMØVPO

Single Transistor Regenerative RX by EI9GQ

Small 80m Direct Conversion Rx by VK2ZAY

80m Zendontvangers

3.5MHz 5W CW Transceiver by JF1OZL

3.5MHz 10W SSB Transceiver by JF1OZL

80m CW Transceiver by PA2OHH

80m CW 5W QRP Transceiver by K3NG

80 meter QRPp Radio by WA6OTP

80m SSB & CW QRP Superhet TRX by S56AL

80m Transceiver by GW4ALG

FKM QRP 5 Tranceiver door PA3FKM

PIXIE 2 QRPp CW Transceiver

The Pixie 2 Transceiver by G3LHJ (via G3YCC)

QRPp DSB Transceiver by SM6LKM

Simple SSB rig with PTT by KD1JV

SSB Transceiver by EI9GQ

SSB 80m Transceiver by WA7JHZ

Wee Willy 80m DSB TRX by VE7GC

80m Zenders

3.5MHz ARDF Transmitter by ON7YD

3.5MHz Low Power ARDF TX by ON7YD

3Watt ARDF/QRP Zendertje door PAØNHC

50C5 PW Transmitter by K1JJ (via AM Window)

6AQ5 Cakepan TX by K1ETP (via AM Window)

6BM8/ECL82 80/40m CW TX by SM5GNN

6LR8 Tube Based CW 5W AM TX by KC5VQL

80m Xmtr with VFO by NH6IL

Early 1920s One-Tube Transmitter

One Valve Transmitter for 80m by G4KKI

SNAP Transmitter by K7QO

Screen Modulated TX by NE1S (via AM Window)

Simple 80m Transmitter by EI9GQ (via G3YCC)

Simple CW Transmitter for 80m by EI9GQ

TAG 80 Transmitter by G4RAW (via G3PTO)

Ten Minute Transmitter by G4RAW (via G3YCC)

80m Versterkers

40m Ontvangers

2 2-Transistor 7MHz Radios by JF1OZL

2 Transistor 5 Stage 7MHz SSB RX by JF1OZL

40m Band Direct Conversion RX by DL2YEO

40m Band RX without ICs by DL2YEO

40m Band Superhet Receiver by DL2YEO

40/80m CW/SSB Receiver by GØUPL

40 Meter Popcorn Superhet Receiver

7MHz Radio with Digital Counter by JF1OZL

7MHz Receiver by JF1OZL

Bartling RX 40 by DF4ZS

Dual 12BH7 Direct Conversion RX by JF1OZL

JABUCA a 40m CW Receiver by PY2OHH

Japanese Neofight Receiver by JF1OZL

One-Cubic-Inch DC Receiver by N5ESE

Regenerative Receiver by DK2BI

Single 12BH7 Direct Conversion RX by JF1OZL

Wheatstone Bridge Receiver by JA9MAT

7MHz SSB to MW-AM Convertor by JF1OZL

7MHz Band Monitor Scope by JF1OZL

40m Zendontvangers

1.5 Watts QRP-TRX for 7 MHz by DL5NEG

Facelift for the 7 MHz TRX by DL5NEG

40m CW Transceiver by 7N3WVM

40 Meter Glowbug by KD6CC

40 meter QRPp Radio by WA6OTP

49er Tupiniquim CW TRX by PY2OHH

7MHz CW Transceiver by JF1OZL

7MHz SSB Transceiver by VU3PRX

Funster 40 Meter Tranceiver

PTO/VFO Tuned Tiny-Tornado by KA8MAV

Simple 7MHz CW Trx by JG1EAD (CQHAM.RU)

Simple SSB Transceiver by Ashhar Farhan

40m Zenders

12BH7A Push Pull 30/40m Tx by JA9MAT

17JZ8 Compactron 40m CW Tx by JA9MAT

1950's-Style 100W CW TX by WD8DAS

2-Tube 40 Meter CW Transmitter by N5ESE

250 mW CW Transmitter by SMØVPO

40 Meter 100 Watt Transmitter by K9GDT

40 Meter 6L6 Transmitter by K4GC

40m QRP Transmitter "PP2-J Ver2" by JA9MAT

40/80m CW Transmitter by GØUPL

5EA8 Single 30/40m CW Tx by JA9MAT

6AN5 Push Pull 40m QRPp Tx by JA9MAT

6CB6 Push Pull Transmitter by JA9MAT

7MHz 3 Transistor 4W CW TX by JF1OZL

7 on 7 QRP by VU2VWN

AM DSB Transmitter by VU3PRX

CW Zender voor 40m door PA2RF

Powerless AM Transmitter by JF1OZL

The Grenade Project

40m Versterkers

12DQ6A QRP A-Class Linear Amp by JA9MAT

6AR5 7MHz 1W Linear Amplifier by JF1OZL

The Outback 813 Amplifier by VK6BGN

30m Ontvangers

30 Meter DC Receiver Project

30m Band Direct Conversion RX by DL2YEO

30m Receiver by GØUPL

30m Zendontvangers

30m CW Transceiver by 7N3WVM

30m CW DC Transceiver by 7N3WVM

GM47: Simple 30m QRP CW TRX by DL2YEO

"NiceRig" QRP CW Transceiver by PA2OHH

QRP CW op de 30m WARC band door PA2RF

30m Zenders

30m QRSS Beacon by GØUPL

30m Versterkers

20m Ontvangers

Regenerative Radio Receiver by WD5HOH

20m Zendontvangers

14MHz SSB 10mW Transceiver by JF1OZL

20m CW Transceiver by 7N3WVM

20m HF SSB Transceiver by OZ2CPU

20m "Ozon" CW Tranceiver by GØUPL

20/80m CW/SSB Transceiver by GØUPL

BITX20 6W SSB TRX by Ashhar Farhan

HF TRX with PTO based VFO by VK2ZAY

Pocket Sized CW QRP Transceiver by S56AL

The "Barefooter" CW QRP Trx by PA2OHH

20m Zenders

QRP Transmitter with VXO by PA2OHH

QRP HF Transmitter by SMØVPO

SSB Transmitter by SMØVPO

VU-Transmitter by G3RJV (via Southgate ARC)

20m Versterkers

813 Amplifier on 20m by VK6BGN

17m Ontvangers

17m Zendontvangers

"4017" Transverter by K8IQY


17m Zenders

15m CW Superhet Receiver by PY2OHH

17m Versterkers

15m Ontvangers

15m Converter with RF Amplifier by KC6WDK

15m CW Superhet Receiver by PY2OHH

15m Zendontvangers

15m CW Superhet Transceiver by PY2OHH

21MHz 1W SSB and CW Transceiver by JF1OZL

21MHz 2W DSB Transceiver by JF1OZL

3 Transistor 21MHz CW TRX by JF1OZL

5 Valve SSB TRX for 21MHz by JF1OZL

Otakuchi 21MHz QRPp CW Trx by JJ1SLW

Simple 21MHz DSB Transceiver by JF1OZL

15m Zenders

15m CW VXO-Tuned Transmitter by KC6WDK

21MHz CW 6W Transmitter by JF1OZL

21MHz DSB Transmitter by JF1OZL

15m Versterkers

10m Ontvangers

TBA120 NBFM Receiver by SMØVPO

10m Zenders


CW/AM Transmitter by SMØVPO

Jones Transmitter by DK2BI

10m Zendontvangers

Mini-PIG 10m Transceiver by W8DIZ

NB610 10m Transceiver by NB6M

The miniPIG 10m Radio by W8DIZ (via AA3SJ)

10m Versterkers

10w Linear Amplifier by SMØVPO

6m Ontvangers

50MHz Converter by EI9GQ

50MHz Converter by ON6MUQ

50 MHz to 146 MHz Converter by VK3YE

50 MHz - 28 MHz Converter by DL5NEG

A Dead Easy 50 mhz Preamp by VK3CJS

Super Regenerative Receiver by JF1OZL

6m Zendontvangers

2 Transistor 50MHz CW TRX by JF1OZL

3 Transistor 50MHz SSB TRX by JF1OZL

50MHz 2W SSB Transceiver by JF1OZL

50MHz 200mW FM Transceiver by JF1OZL

50MHz 250mW AM Transceiver by JF1OZL

50MHz 10mW Handy Transceiver by JF1OZL

50MHz 40mW AM Handy TRX by JF1OZL

50MHz PSN Transceiver by JF1OZL

50.25MHz AM Transceiver by JF1OZL

6m SSB & CW QRP Transceiver by S56AL

6m SSB/CW Transceiver by 7N3WVM

6m AM Transceiver by 7N3WVM

6m DSB Transceiver by 7N3WVM

6m Transverter by EI9GQ

Transverter 10m/6m by DK7ZB

6m Zenders

One Transistor 50MHz DSB TX by JF1OZL

2 3-Transistor 50MHz DSB TXs by JF1OZL

3 Transistor 50MHz FM Transmitter by JF1OZL

Compact 8877 50MHz Amplifier by GJ4ICD

The 6 Metre Beacon Project by GJ3RAX

VHF Signal Generator by JF1OZL

6m Versterkers

2SC1957 Linear Amplifier by JF1OZL

4GK5 QRP Grounded Grid PA by JF1OZL

50MHz Linear Amplifier by JF1OZL

Ampli 50MHz 800W avec une GS31 by F6CHT

Class C Tuned VHF Power Amplifier by ON6MU

Mini Power Grand Grid Amplifier by JF1OZL

Single 6CL6 50MHz Power Amplifier by JF1OZL

2m Ontvangers

144MHz FM/SSB Receiver by DL5NEG

144MHz to 28MHz Converter by SV1BSX

4 Transistor Super Regen Receiver

5 Transistor 144MHz FM Receiver by JF1OZL

6 Transistor Super Regen Receiver

A Complete FM Radio on a Chip by YBØAH

AM Vossenjacht Ontvanger 2002 door PA3GBV

Direction Finding System by SMØVPO

VHF Converter by EI9GQ

VHF Super-Regenerative Receiver by VK2ZAY

Another VHF Super-Reg Receiver by VK2ZAY

VHF/UHF Ontvanger door PA2RF


ZN414 Receivers by SMØVPO

Low Noise 2 Meter Preamp by W5UN

Ruisarme Voorversterker door PAØNHC

2m Zendontvangers

144MHz All Mode Transceiver by VA3IUL

DSP-10 Project by W7PUA

2m Zenders

10W 2m CW Transmitter by EI9GQ

144MHz ARDF Transmitter by ON7YD

144MHz CW Transmitter by OZ2CPU

144MHz Low Power ARDF TX by ON7YD

Easy 2m FM Transmitter by SMØVPO

High Power FM Mic by SMØVPO

Montreal Fox V3 by VE2EMM/A>

Montreal Fox 525 V1.2 by VE2EMM/A>

Montreal Fox 525 door PA3CSX

Simple FM Mic by SMØVPO

2m Versterkers

144MHz 100W PA with MRF317 by OZ2OE

144MHz and 432MHz GS35b PA by DL4MEA

1kW Power Amplifier by DL5DBM

20 Watts PA VHF Module by SV1BSX

2 kW PA using the GU84B Tetrode by WA6PY

25 Watt Lineair met de SD1272

2 Meter GaAs FET Preamp by KD9JQ

30 Watt Lineair met MRF237 en MRF238

50 Watt Lineair met de SD1278

50 Watt Lineair voor Portofoons

Ampli 144 +300W avec une Gi7b by F6CHT

Ampli 144 +1500W avec une GS31 by F6CHT

Generic VHF PA by SMØVPO

High Performance 144MHz Power Amplifier

High Power Amp for 2 x 4CX250B by LAØBY

The FARA 2m Amplifier Project by WA1GPO

70cm Ontvangers

430MHz FM RX for Local Repeater by JF1OZL

70cm Zendontvangers

Simple 430MHz SSB Transceiver by JF1OZL

70cm Zenders

1 Transistor TV Transmitter by JF1OZL

Simple 430MHz FM Transmitter by JF1OZL

UHF Signal Generator by JF1OZL

70cm Versterkers

144MHz and 432MHz GS35b PA by DL4MEA

432 MHz PA with 8874 by OZ2OE

SHF Ontvangers

2.3GHz to 432MHz Converter by DL5NEG

Progr. 13cm to 2m Converter by DL5NEG

Plasma Diode Detector by VK2ZAY

SHF Zendontvangers

10GHz FM Trx 30Mc IF by G3PHO (CQHAM.RU

144MHz to 2.4GHz Transverter by N9ZIA

23 cm Data-transceiver door PE1JPD

High Quality 2.3GHz FM TRX by DL5NEG

SHF Zenders

10GHz Tx voor 10 piek door PA3GCO

2.3GHz ATV Tx by G6TVJ (via CQHAM.RU)

2400MHz Signal Src by G3DVV (CQHAM.RU)

Low Power Multiband Beacon by VA3IUL

SHF Versterkers

1296MHz 2* 2*2C39 PA by DL4MEA

13cm Power Amp by G6TVJ (via CQHAM.RU)

23cm GS35b PA by PA3CEG


2-Band VFO for 80 and 40 Meters by KC6WDK

High Power Oscillator by JF1OZL

Stable Relay Switched VFO by G3YCC

Universal VXO by G3RJV (via Southgate ARC)

VFO with Ceramic Resonator by DL2YEO

Wide Range VXO by G3ESP (via G3YCC)

µController DDS with PLL by PA2OHH

PC Rx with µController DDS by PA2OHH

VLF Antenne's

Actieve Antenne 135kHz en 160m door PA1G

Advanced Active VLF Loop by Peter Schmalkoke

Birch Tree LF Antenna by DF3LP

Octoloop Antenna by N4YWK

Receiving Loop for Long Waves by DF3LP

The Big Loop Project by VK2ZAY

Transmitting Loop Antenna by GW4ALG

Vert Ant with Inductive Toploading by ON7YD

Vertical Antennas for 136kHz by GW4ALG

250 - 400 µH Variometer by GØMRF

Loop Antenna Tuning Unit by GW4ALG

Multiband HF Antenne's

160m-10m Sturba Curtain Antenna by NØKHQ

2-band 'No-Trap'Trapped Dipole by ZS5MGD

2 Element Quad for 10-12-15m by IZ7ATH

3-30 MHz Motorized Mobile Ant by VE3GK

$4 All Band Wire Antenna by WB1GFH

5 Band Log Periodic Dipole Array by VE7CA

Active Antenna by G3RJV (via Southgate ARC)

All Band Horizontal Loop by K4QKY

Another Antenna Idea by G3YCC

Antena Multibanda by EC2APU

Antenne Log Yagi Multibande by F6CHT

Balcony Antenna by SMØVPO

Balcony Antenna Extension by SMØVPO

"Buddipole" by W3FF

Coax-Fed Sloping Longwire by LA1IC

Delta Matching HF Beams by PA3HBB

Dipole Antennas by SMØVPO

Ferriet Ontvangst Antenne door PAØFBK

G5RV Multi-Band Antenna by Louis Varney

HF Receive Antenna by KØEMT

Jungle Job door PAØJHS

Linear Loaded Vertical for 40 & 80m by PA3HBB

Magnetic Loop Ant by GM3MXN (via G3YCC)

Mark II Crossfield Antenna by G3YCC

Mobile/Portable HF Whip by G3YCC

MOXON Antenna Project by K6SGH

Multiband Cubical Quad by EI7BA

Multiband Delta Loop by DL2HCB (via G3YCC)

Multiband Delta Loop by IK4DCS

Multiband HF Fan Dipole Project

Mystery Antenna by W5GI

NB6Zep Antenna by NB6Z

PAC-12 Antenna by KA5DVS

Packing Crate Antenna by SMØVPO

Portable "Whip" Antenne door PAØFBK

Reflected W or Hexbeam by DL7IO

Rotary Dipole for 17 and 20 by IZ7ATH

"Screwdriver" Antenne door PHøRMH

Small Garden Antenna by G4KIH (via G3YCC)

The G5RV Antenna by WB2VUO (via G3YCC)

The G5RV Ant - More by WB2VUO (via G3YCC)

The Inverted "L" Ant by WB2VUO (via G3YCC)

The Lattin 5 Band Ant by W4JRW (via G3YCC)

The Optimized Wideband Antenna by NW3Z

The Rockloop by W9SCH (via DL1GSJ)

The Rockloop by W9SCH (via G3YCC)

The "SQUARE"-Pole by WB2VUO (via G3YCC)

The W3EDP HF Antenna by G3YCC

Vertical Antennas for 80 & 160m by GW4ALG

Windom Antenna

Dipole and Inverted V Antenna Calculator

Verkorte Multiband Dipool door PAØFRI

160m Antenne's

160/80m Coaxial Receiving Loops by KC2TX

Base Loaded Half-Sloper Antenna by KØEMT

EH Antenna for 160m by IZ7ATH

Practical Antenna for 160 Metres by G3YCC

Receiving Loop Aerials for 1.8 MHz by VK5BR

Shortened 160 Meter Vertical by PI4CC

The KGØZP Super Linear-Loaded Inverted V

80m Antenne's

80m 2 Element Rotating Quad by VE3GK

80 Meter 4-Square Array by K7EM

80 Meter Frame Antenna by SMØVPO

Coax Dipole by N4SEV

End-Fed Halfwave Antenna by AA5TB

End Fed Half Wave Antenna by G3YCC

End Fed Antenna Ideas by G3WQW (via G3YCC)

Field Expedient Dipole Antenna by KØEMT

Field Portable HF Antenna by AA5TB

Fixed Inverted Vee Beam for 80m by VE3GK

QRP Lowfer Antenna by KØEMT

Short Dipole for 80m by 4S7NR (via G3YCC)

40m Antenne's

Shortened 7MHz Dipole by GM4JMU (via G3YCC

30m Antenne's

Magnetic Loop Antenna by 7N3WVM

20m Antenne's

2 El. Hamstick Mini Vee Beam by VE6VK

2 Element Yagi for Fieldday by VE3RGW

Mini 3 Element Yagi for 14MHz by VE3RGW

Hamstick Mini Beam by VE6VK

Hexbeam by W1GQL

Rigid Dipoles by KØEMT

Short Antenna by SMØVPO

'Shorty' Dipole for 14MHz by G3YCC

17m Antenne's

An Hexagonal Beam in 3 hours by EI7BA

Monoband Yagi for 18m by IK4DCS

15m Antenne's

One Element V Beam by KB4XJ

10m Antenne's

Compact 2 Element Beam for 10m by EI9GQ

The HF Satellite Antenna by W4SAT

6m Antenne's

3 Element 50MHz Long Yagi by ON6MU

50MHz Lambda/2 Vertical by DK7ZB

6 Meter 5/8 Wave Vertical Antenna by G3JVL

6 Meter Coax Antenna by K4MMG

6 Meter Copper SLOOP by KØFF

6 Meter "HALO" Antenna by KB1DIG

6 Meter Rotatable Delta Loop by KK5ID

Antenne Halo 50MHz pour le Portable by F6CHT

Coax Feed 6 Meter EDZ Zip Cord Antenna

Construction Details for 50MHz Yagis by DK7ZB

Portable Three Element 6m Yagi by PA3HBB

2m Antenne's

144MHz Pocket Antenn by F3WM

146Mhz J-Pole Antenna Plans by WB8ERJ

2m 1/2 Wave "Ladder Line" J-Pole by KB1DIG

2m 1/2 Wave "Copper" J-Pole by KB1DIG

2m 1/2 Wave "Inside PVC" J-Pole by KB1DIG

2m 1/2 Wave "Emergency" J-Pole by KB1DIG

2m 5/8 Wave "Outside PVC" J-Pole by KB1DIG

2 Meter 5/4 Wave Antenna by N1HFX

2m Antenna for Bicycle Mobile Opr by WB8ERJ

2 Meter Coax Antenna by K4MMG

2 Meter Collinear J Pole Antenna by M3FVB

2 Meter Hentenna by WAØITP

2/70 Portable Coax Antenne door PAØFBK

2m Porto Antenne van Koolstof door PAØFBK

2 Meter Quagi 97 by W5UN

2 Meter "Slingshot" Antenna Re-visited

2m Square Loop by AF4AR/W6ARQ KC5BBP

2 Meter SSB Yagi Antenna Project

2 Meter Turnstile Antenna by WB8ERJ

3 Element VHF Yagi for 2 Meter by ON6MU

6Db Colinear VHF Antenna by SMØVPO

8x2 Element Array Antenna by DF3LP

DK7ZB 9 Element for 144 MHz by DF9CY

Double Zepp Antenna by N2RGA

Emergency Antenna by ZS5MGD

Flex Antenna by KØEMT

J-Pole for 145MHz by IZ7ATH

Mobile 144 MHz SSB/CW "HALO" by KB1DIG

'Mobile' op 'Twee' door PAØJHS

Optimized 6/9 El. VHF Yagi Antenna by ON6MU

Portable Yagi for 144 MHz by EI9GQ

Quick and Simple 2 Meter Ground Plane

Sidemount VHF/UHF Antenna by KØEMT

"Slappe Arnold" door PC1D

The Tiny 2 by W4SAT

The Tiny 2 + 1 by W4SAT

VHF DF Antenna by SMØVPO

VHF Magnetic Loop by ON6MU

VHF TestAntenna by SMØVPO


X-Beam for 6m/2m/70cm by KØEMT

70cm Antenne's

440Mhz J-Pole Antenna Plans by WB8ERJ

6 Element Yagi for 440MHz by VE3RGW

70cm Big Wheel Antenna by DL4MEA

70cm UHF 4-Element Long Yagi by ON6MU

70cm UHF 6 Element Yagi Antenna by ON6MU

9dB 70cm Collinear Antenna by N1HFX

10 Element UHF Yagi by ON6MU

Corner Reflector Antenna by VE3RGW

Dual Band Antenna for Starters

HB9CV voor 70cm door PA2RF

VHF-UHF Portable Yagi-Uda Ant by XE1MEX

SHF Antenne's

1270Mhz Yagi Antenna by OE3MZC

2.4GHz Hi Gain Antenna by WB8ERJ

2.4GHz ISM Band Rondstraler door PE2ER

Bi-Quad Antenne voor 23cm ATV door PA2RF

Helical Antenna for 2.4GHz by PA3FYM

Parabolic Dish Ring Feed by DL4MEA


How to Use an Antenna Tuner

Antenna Tuning Unit by GØUPL

A Useful ATU Circuit by G4RGN (via G3YCC)

Fishermans PI-Filter durch DL2LUX

FRI-Match door PAØFRI

HF Antenna Tuner by SMØVPO

HF Antenna Tuner Switcher by ON6MU

Impendance Bridge by SMØVPO

Mini Tuner for HF by K2JHU (via G3YCC)

T-Tuner met een ringkern door K2JHU

PI-Filter ATU 10-20m door PAØFRI

Portable Antenna Matching Unit by GW4ALG

Portable Mini Tuner door PAØFBK

Rainbow Tuner by NJQRP Club

Remote Antenna Tuner by SMØVPO

Simple T-Match ATU by EI9GQ

Single Coil Z-Match by G3WQW (via G3YCC)

Super Tee Antenna Tuner by W3TS (via AA3SJ)


1:1 HF Balun by OZ2CPU

1:1 HF Current Balun by OZ2CPU

Homebtrew 1:1 Balun by PA1A

A 4 To 1 Balun by N1HFX

All Band "Ugly" Balun

Antenna Balun by VK4NKD (via VK4LAJ)

Baluns 1:4 en 1:1 door PAØFRI

Coax Baluns 1:4 en 1:1 door PAØFRI

Dummy Loads

100W Dummy Load by VK4NKD (via VK4LAJ)

Dummy Load met 50 Ohm Chip door PAØFRI

Antennestroom- en SWR Meters

Calculating SWR Meter by DL2YEO

HF Meßbrücke für den SWR durch DL2LUX

LED SWR Bridge by G3WQW (via G3YCC)

LF-HF Reflection Coefficient Bridge by GØMRF



Rainbow Antenna Analyzer

Resistive SWR Bridge by G3YCC

Return Loss Bridge 1.8-1300MHz bySHA8ET

Simple 2.4GHz SWR Meter by N9ZIA

Simple SWR Meter for QRP by WBØPOQ

Symmetrische Antennestroommeter door PA1G

VLF SWR Bridge by GW4ALG

VSWR Bridge for LF by GØMRF

Wifi (V)SWR Meter door PE2ER


Analogue Frequency Display by DL2YEO

AVR Frequency Counter by ZL1BPU

Freq Counter with 8 Leds by PA2OHH

Freq Counter with Binary Dec Led by PA2OHH

Freq Counter with 7 Seg Display by PA2OHH

Freq Counter for PC (DOS) by PA2OHH

Frequency Display and VFO Stabiliser by EI9GQ

Radio Frequency Counter by GØUPL

Simple Frequency Counter by JF1OZL


100kHz Crystal Calibrator by N1HFX

AVR Digital Voltmeter by ZL1BPU

Cigarette Lighter RF Probe by KW2R

Digital Capacitance Meter by YBØAH

Digitale Dipmeter door PA2RF

Distortion Meter by JF1OZL

Elsie L-C Meter by AmQRP Club

FET Voltmeter door PAØWSO

HF Testpen door PAØFRI

HF-Wobbler 60kHz-80MHz door PAØSOM

Inductance Meter w 1nH Resolution by VA3IUL

Instelbare Verzwakker door PA3FFZ

LF Oscilloscoop door PA2RF

Multiple Viewer for ur Oscilloscope by JF1OZL

Simple RF Indicator bt G3YCC

Simple Test Equipment to Build by VK3YE

Transistor Curve Tracer by JF1OZL

Transistor Meter by JF1OZL

Transistorized Dip Meter by YBØAH

TV Oscilloscope Adaptor by JF1OZL

Voedingstester door PE1OLS


AVR Noise-Pulse Generator by ZL1BPU

AVR Signal Generator by ZL1BPU

Frequency Marker Generator by PA2OHH

HF Marker door PA2RF

Low Cost 2.4GHz Signal Source by GØMRF

Meetgenerator door PA2RF

Simpele Breedband Ruisgenerator door PAØNHC

Signal Generator to adjust a SSB-Tx by JF1OZL

Sweep Generator by JF1OZL

Two Tone Generator by JF1OZL

Spectrum Analyzers

100MHz Spectrum Analyzer by VA3IUL

GBPPR 0-1000MHz Spec Analyzer by N9ZIA

Panorama Ontvanger door PA2RF

"Poor Man's" Spectrum Analyzer door PA3EKN

Spectrum Analyser Kid by JF1OZL


30 Second Field Strength Meter by G3YCC

Field Strength Meter by KC6WDK

Field Strength Meter by VK4XAR (via VK4LAJ)

Fishermans Dipper durch DL2LUX

RF Sniffer with Tone Output by KF6GQ

Field Strength Meter by VK4XAR (VK4LAJ)

'Sniffer' by New Jersey QRP Club

Usefull RF 'Sniffer' by G4RAW (via G3YCC)


Digital Wattmeter by OZ2CPU

Rel. S and Power Meter by G4KIH (via AA3SJ)

Rel. S and Power Meter by G4KIH (via G3YCC)

RF Wattmeter by KC6WDK

RMS/Wattmeter (NL)

Thermal Power Meter by DL2YEO


12 Volt Gel Cell Charger by N1HFX

13.8V/15A from a PC Power Supply by DL2YEO

13.8 V/15A uit PC Voeding DL2YEO (PI4KML)

20A Regelbare Voeding door PA3FEX

250W S.M.P.S. with Power FETs by DL2YEO


Easy Bench PSU by SMØVPO

High Perf. Voltage Regulator by N1HFX

Obt. 250vDC&6.3vAC for Valves by SMØVPO

Power Supply for Small Tube Amps by DL2YEO

Practical Voltage Converter by SMØVPO

Small Power Supplier by JF1OZL

The Simplest PSU by SMØVPO

Typical Shack PSU by VK4XAR (via VK4LAJ)

Voedingskastje voor Auto door PA3CSX

NiCad Charger by SMØVPO


1750Hz Toongenerator door PDØDEF

2/3 Times Multiplier by JF1OZL

3x 6AQ8 Valve Radio by JF1OZL

µController "One Touch Tune" by M0BMN

5 Minute "One Touch Tune" by M0BMN

7400 Sidetone by G4GLJ & G4HZJ (via G3YCC)

A-Class Audio Amplifier by JF1OZL

AF Amplifier based on NE592 by DL2YEO

AGC and S-Meter by DL2YEO

AM Modulated CW Transmitter by JF1OZL

Audio-derived S-Meter by G3RJV (via Southgate


AVR Beacon Super Keyer by ZL1BPU

Balanced Modulator by G4EUK (via G3YCC)

Basic Vox Circuit by N1HFX

Baycom Packet Modem by SMØVPO

Click Free Sidetone by G3YCC

Two Sidetone Circuits for QRP Rigs by G3YCC

Coax Schakelaar door PAØFRI

Condenser Microphone by N1HFX

Crystal Tester by KC6WDK

CW Sinus Toon Oscillator door PAØNHC

Emitter Follower Power Amplifier by JF1OZL

Feld Hell PC Interface by PA2OHH

FM Morse Code Keyer by N1HFX

Hamcomm Modem by SMØVPO

Headphone Amplifier by JF1OZL

HF Low Pass Filter by EI9GQ

IC Audio Amplifiers by N1HFX

Inexpensive Tone Encoder by N1HFX

Improved PL Tone Encoder by N1HFX

Interfacekastje tussen Radio en PC door PA3CSX

Key Operated T/R Circuit by G3YCC

Low-Pass Filter door PAØFRI

Noise Cancelling Mike by G8SEQ (via G3YCC)

Noise Filter for Cigar Lighter by JF1OZL

Portable APRS-box door PA3CSX

PSK31 Audio Beacon by NJQRP/2

QRP Paddles by WK8G/2

Sidetone Oscillators by DL2YEO

Simple Electronic Keyer by N1HFX

Simple Iambic Keyer by PA2OHH

Simple IF Amplifier by DL2YEO

A Simple RIT by G3YCC

Simple Television Receiver by JF1OZL

Thermal Cooling Fan Controller by N1HFX

Tone Generator for SSB Transceiver by JF1OZL

Tx/Rx Control Circuit by DL2YEO

Variable Bandwidth CW Filter by N1HFX

Weekend Projects by G3RJV (via G3YCC)

Wireless Morse Trainer by JF1OZL

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