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HAM Radio Projects

Multiband HF Receivers

All Valve Receiver by SM0VPO

Synthesised HF Receiver by SM0VPO

Multiband HF Transceivers

HF Transceiver by EI9GQ

MultiPig 20 Transceiver by W8DIZ

MP20 PLL Frequency Synthesizer by AA3SJ

QRP SSB Transceiver by WB9IPA

Multiband HF Transmitters

Multiband HF Amplifiers

100W HF Linear Amplifier with MRF454

Multiband HF Antennas

2 Element Quad for 10-12-15m by IZ7ATH

$4 All Band Wire Antenna by WB1GFH

5 Band Log Periodic Dipole Array by VE7CA

Balcony Antenna by SM0VPO

Balcony Antenna Extension by SM0VPO

Multiband Cubical Quad by EI7BA

160m Receivers

Regenerative Receiver by SM0VPO

160m Transceivers

160m 6w CW TRX by JF1OZL

160m Transmitters

160 Meter Phone Xmtr by NH6IL

LM317 Transmitter by SM0VPO

160m Amplifiers

160m Antennas

160/80m Coaxial Receiving Loops by KC2TX

80m Receivers

80 Metre Receiver by EI9GQ

80m One Chip Receiver with NE602

HRX80 Peilontvanger/Receiver by PA0HRX

Integrated Circuit Receiver by SM0VPO

Small 80m Direct Conversion Rx by VK2ZAY

80m Transceivers

3.5MHz 5W CW Transceiver by JF1OZL

3.5MHz 10W SSB Transceiver by JF1OZL

80m CW 5W QRP Transceiver K3NG

PIXIE 2 QRPp CW Transceiver

QRPp DSB Transceiver by SM6LKM

SSB Transceiver by EI9GQ

80m Transmitters

1 1/2 Watts on 80m CW by NH6IL

15 Watts on 80 and 40 by NH6IL

3.5MHz ARDF Transmitter by ON7YD

3.5MHz Low Power ARDF TX by ON7YD

6BM8/ECL82 80/40m CW TX by SM5GNN

6LR8 Tube Based CW TX by KC5VQL

80m Xmtr with VFO by NH6IL

80m QRP `Colorburst' CW Xmtr by NH6IL

Another 80m Transmitter by NH6IL

Simple 80m Transmitter by EI9GQ

Simple CW Transmitter for 80m by EI9GQ

Ten Minute Transmitter by G4RAW

The World's Smallest Transmitter by NH6IL

80m Amplifiers

80m Antennas

80 Meter Frame Antenna by SM0VPO

Short Dipole for 80m by 4S7NR

40m Receivers

2 2-Transistor 7MHz Radios by JF1OZL

2 Transistor 5 Stage 7MHz SSB RX by JF1OZL

7MHz Radio with Digital Counter by JF1OZL

JABUCA a 40m CW Receiver by PY2OHH

Japanese Neofight Receiver by JF1OZL

One-Cubic-Inch DC Receiver by N5ESE

Single 12BH7 Direct Conversion RX by JF1OZL

7MHz SSB to MW-AM Convertor by JF1OZL

7MHz Band Monitor Scope by JF1OZL

40m Transceivers

1.5 Watts QRP-TRX for 7 MHz by DL5NEG

Facelift for the 7 MHz TRX by DL5NEG

40 Meter Glowbug by KD6CC

49er Tupiniquim CW TRX by PY2OHH

7MHz CW Transceiver by JF1OZL

PTO/VFO Tuned Tiny-Tornado by KA8MAV

Simple 7MHz CW Transceiver by JG1EAD

40m Transmitters

1950's-Style 100W CW TX by WD8DAS

2-Tube 40 Meter CW Transmitter by N5ESE

250 mW CW Transmitter by SM0VPO

40 Meter 100 Watt Transmitter by K9GDT

40m QRP Xmtr by NH6IL

7MHz 3 Transistor 4W CW TX by JF1OZL

Powerless AM Transmitter by JF1OZL

40m Amplifiers

6AR5 7MHz 1W Linear Amplifier by JF1OZL

40m Antennas

30m Receivers

30 Meter DC Receiver Project

30m Transceivers

30m CW Transceiver by 7N3WVM

30m CW DC Transceiver by 7N3WVM

30m Transmitters

30m Amplifiers

30m Antennas

20m Receivers

Regenerative Radio Receiver by WD5HOH

20m Transceivers

14MHz SSB 10mW Transceiver by JF1OZL

20m CW Transceiver by 7N3WVM

20m Transmitters

20 Meter QRP CW Xmtr by NH6IL

20m Amplifiers

20m Antennas

15m Receivers

15m CW Superhet Receiver by PY2OHH

15m Transceivers

15m CW Superhet Transceiver by PY2OHH

21MHz 1W SSB and CW Transceiver by JF1OZL

21MHz 2W DSB Transceiver by JF1OZL

3 Transistor 21MHz CW TRX by JF1OZL

5 Valve SSB TRX for 21MHz by JF1OZL

Simple 21MHz DSB Transceiver by JF1OZL

15m Transmitters

15 Meter CW Xmtr by NH6IL

2 Transistor 15 Meter Transmitter by NH6IL

21MHz CW 6W Transmitter by JF1OZL

21MHz DSB Transmitter by JF1OZL

15m Amplifiers

15m Antennas

10m Receivers

10m Transmitters


10m Transceivers

Mini-PIG 10m Transceiver by W8DIZ

10m Amplifiers

10m Antennas

Compact 2 Element Beam for 10m by EI9GQ

6m Receivers

50MHz Converter by EI9GQ

50 MHz - 28 MHz Converter by DL5NEG

A Dead Easy 50 mhz Preamp by VK3CJS

6m Transceivers

2 Transistor 50MHz CW TRX by JF1OZL

3 Transistor 50MHz SSB TRX by JF1OZL

50MHz 2W SSB Transceiver by JF1OZL

50MHz 200mW FM Transceiver by JF1OZL

50MHz 250mW AM Transceiver by JF1OZL

50MHz 10mW Handy Transceiver by JF1OZL

50MHz 40mW AM Handy TRX by JF1OZL

50MHz PSN Transceiver by JF1OZL

50.25MHz AM Transceiver by JF1OZL

6m SSB/CW Transceiver by 7N3WVM

6m AM Transceiver by 7N3WVM

6m DSB Transceiver by 7N3WVM

6m Transverter by EI9GQ

6m Transmitters

One Transistor 50MHz DSB TX by JF1OZL

2 3-Transistor 50MHz DSB TXs by JF1OZL

3 Transistor 50MHz FM Transmitter by JF1OZL

VHF Signal Generator by JF1OZL

6m Amplifiers

2SC1957 Linear Amplifier by JF1OZL

50MHz Linear Amplifier by JF1OZL

Single 6CL6 50MHz Power Amplifier by JF1OZL

6m Antennas

2m Receivers

144MHz FM/SSB Receiver by DL5NEG

144MHz to 28MHz Converter by SV1BSX

5 Transistor 144MHz FM Receiver by JF1OZL

VHF Converter by EI9GQ

ZN414 Receivers by SM0VPO

2m Transceivers

DSP-10 Project by W7PUA

2m Transmitters

10W 2m CW Transmitter by EI9GQ

144MHz ARDF Transmitter by ON7YD

144MHz Low Power ARDF TX by ON7YD

2m CW Transmitter by NH6IL

Easy 2m FM Transmitter by SM0VPO

2m Amplifiers

144 MHz PA with MRF317 by OZ2OE

20 Watts PA VHF Module by SV1BSX

2m Antennas

6Db Colinear VHF Antenna by SM0VPO

Portable Yagi for 144 MHz by EI9GQ

70cm Receivers

430MHz FM RX for Local Repeater by JF1OZL

70cm Transceivers

Simple 430MHz SSB Transceiver by JF1OZL

70cm Transmitters

Simple 430MHz FM Transmitter by JF1OZL

UHF Signal Generator by JF1OZL

70cm Amplifiers

432 MHz PA with 8874 by OZ2OE

70cm Antennas

SHF Receivers

2.3GHz to 432MHz Converter by DL5NEG

Progr. 13cm to 2m Converter by DL5NEG

SHF Transceivers

10GHz FM TRX with 30MHz IF by G3PHO

High Quality 2.3GHz FM TRX by DL5NEG

SHF Transmitters

2.3GHz ATV TX by G6TVJ

2400MHz Signal Source by G3DVV

SHF Amplifiers

13cm Power Amplifier by G6TVJ

SHF Antennas

Update: november 16th 2004

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