PE4BAS Equipment

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Till now I have no good pictures of my radioshack, that's because after we moved to a new house I still got the radio and computer in a spare room. Actually I have no shack at the moment. So these are photos from my previous shack. The antenna tower is again overgrown with grass somewhere in the garden, till now I had no time to set it up.

Radioshack left to right: Turner SSK, Kenpro K600 rotorclock, Acer tablet PC, Alinco DJ-G5, Daiwa CN-103,
GC electronics SWR meter, Modem SEC PSK-10 and a ZLP USB interface, ICOM 706MK2G, Argus speaker,
Kenwood TM-G707, MFJ931, Turner +3B, Palstar AT1KM antennatuner, ASTRON RS-50A Power Supply,
2x Kenwood LF-30A filter, Homemade netfilter
Coax VHF/UHF Aircom+, Coax HF Aircell7 and Belden H1007.