PE4BAS Biography

My name is Bas (just like in my suffix !).I live in a small village called Roodeschool in the province of Groningen in The Netherlands. Radio is my hobby since 1979 when I bought a Stentor 5 Watt FM transmitter as a student. I just tried to put some (Dutch) music on air and then went with my portable radio on my bicycle to see what the distance was that I could reach. At that time I did not know about antenna and SWR or coax. So I just used a carradio antenna to transmit, results just a few hundred meters of reception. Later around 1980 I got my first 11 Mtr CB AM Walky Talky, and since CB became populair in the Netherlands, this was my first encounter with a kind of amateurradio. I've been active on the 11 Mtr CB band in FM/AM and SSB and made a lot of DX to all corners of the world (245 DXCC confirmed!) CB radio did get my mind to digital modes as well, like packetradio in the mid ninetees and some experiments with RTTY and SSTV. After almost 20 years of experimenting and DXing on the 11 Mtr band I was ready to go for amateurradio and I passed my license at 24 April 1998 as PD1AKZ novice and at 22 June 1999 as PE4BAS technical. From 1998-2001 mainly on VHF/UHF working via satellite, packetradio, SSTV, RTTY and some SSB DX. Since 2003 I am allowed to be on the HF bands as well. And so after all these years I still enjoy amateurradio. These days you can find me most of the time on HF digital modes and at some contests. I started a weblog to write about my radio adventures, please visit PE4BAS weblog