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ďAMSAT Workshop in MarburgĒ

 At this page I will show some pictures of me at the AMSAT workshop in Marburg (Germany). The pictures on this page are taken from the AMSAT-DL webpage, and to view all of the available pictures please look at : http://gulp.physik.unizh.ch/Amsat/marburg2001.html

AMSAT-DL invited me to participate at the AMSAT workshop 2001 in Marburg (Germany). I took this chance to give an presentation about my idea to make an transponder in quadrature technology.

The picture below is taken while I was giving an presentation (and later also demonstration) about my quadrature transponder. The system is still in testing phase, but I was able to show that my idea really works. The next step is to design an real transponder for use in an amateur satellite J


This picture is taken after the presentation, and I am talking with Nagesh VU2NUD of the Indian VUSAT project.

Below: Nagesh VU2NUD of the VUSAT project, asking me about my transponder designs, for use on the VUSAT.

Below an interresting picture of an satellite made by AMSAT-F.

Below an close-up of this satellite. (This is always the most interresting J )††††

Below: Somewhere itís me J


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