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My station.


This is how my satellite station looked like at the beginning

of my active satellite days at 1997-1998.

The outer two antennas are 2 meter cross-yagis with circulair

polarisation using 1/4 lambda delay technik.

The inner two antennas are 70cm cross-yagis also circulair

Polarisated and using also 1/4 lambda delay technik.

All these antennas are self-made and I still using them at my

reduced station today.

I used an strong HAM rotor for azimuth rotation, and for the

elevation I used an self made elevator system.

You can see the elevator system more below on this page.



As horizontal mast I used PVC (plastic) rod with in it wooden broom sticks to make it more stronger.

From the top of the mast to the both ends of the horizontal (elevator) masts I had to tight it with wires,

Otherwise it would bend down due to the weight of the antenna's.


Picture from below the antennas.



An picture of my self made elevator system.


For azimuth I used an strong HAM rotor, you can see in the middle.

To make the antennas not rotate in stand-by or switched off mode, I used an axial rotator, it is

Visible at the middle of the picture (yellow color).

This axial rotator is driven by an big stepper motor, it is driven by an interface system in the

left metal box. In the metal box at the right I made an Ucontroller system that measures the position

of the antennas and controls the azimuth and elevator motor to the desired position.

The uController system has an half-duplex RS232 connection via an RG58 coaxial cable to the

uController system in my radio shack. The Ucontroller system in my shack takes the values from my

tracking program Instant Track and sends it in RS232 code to the mast uController system.


An side view of my self made elevator system.

You can see the HAM azimuth rotor and how

the self made elevator is mounted on it.

The horizontal pipe has only little friction due to

the six bearings at each side and also at the inner

of it, these are more visible in the picture above.

The whole contruction is made of aluminium,

exept the bearings and cogwheels.

Because of the corrosion of these part it failed

after one year operation.




Because of corrosion and after some heavy winds it was totally distroyed.

I wanted to go on with satellites in stead of repairing every time the problems because of corrosion.

Then I did bought the YAESU G-6500 and improved my antenna's some more.

I have no picture of my station today. I use only one 2 meter yagi and one 70cm yagi.

The other antenna's I want to include later when I have some strong, longer and non metal elevator mast.

This is my first prototype that I showed at the university of Venlo.

The local amateur club was invited there, and I showed my system there.


I did also used some other systems before, some easy to make but very good for beginners.

Unfortunatly I have not made pictures of these systems, I will see if I can make some drawings

And include them to this page.


With these pictures I hope to activate some amateur to start with satellites.

You need a lot of equipment, but it will come in years.


Enjoy HAM hobby, and I hope to meet you some day on the OSCAR birds J

73 de PE1RAH (William Leijenaar).


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