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(Final design)


Here you can see the final design of my MODE-J satellite transponder.

This satellite transponder is very small and belongs to the catogory of PICOSATs (<1kg)

As you can see on the picture, I am still working on it to get it ready. All units are working as wanted.

To get it completely working shielding of the pre-amp and PA is needed. This is the first thing what I

will do when I find some time hihi.


This transponder can also be very interresting to carry by an little helium balloon or even with an kite-flyer.

It is basically designed to 'fly' as an satellite because I want it to be accessable to all amateurs of the world.


The idea is to put this transponder together with 5 rechargable penlite batteries into an metal box with the size of an

music cassete box. The total satellite size would be te size of an music casset box !!!

Below you can see another picture of it and the size compared with an music casset box (it is equal size)



Some more detailed picture:


Left top: 2m GaAs FET RX amplifier.

Left middle: Double balanced mixer.

Left below: First LO (VHF)

Middle top: Second LO (UHF)

Middle below: IF filter + mixer.

Right below: 70cm filter.

Right top: 70cm 1W PA module

!!!!! This little transponder is 100% my own design and 100% self-made !!!!!  


The only thing I need is high efficiency solar cells that can handle space enviorment.

They need to be high efficient to keep the satellite small and light in weight.

Then I need some way to get it into orbit, maybe I can find some "second payload" or "piggy back" place.

Let's hope I will find some lift into space at the end, I will go for it !!!

When you know something, please tell me [email protected]


This page is very new, and the main goal for me is to give technical information, so don't look at my English.

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