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AMSAT Fieldday 2001

Last year Dirk ON1DLL and I already wanted to join the AMSAT-Fielddays but unfortunatly we couldn't do it for several reasons.

This year there was much more interrest in the AMSAT-Fieldday because it was an good reason to test our portable equipment we made and developed the whole year for our Europe trip.

We used an open field close to the qth of Dirk in Belgium.

As callsign we used the lokal club-callsign ON5LL, and we were qrv in the emergency class.




Dirk ON1DLL is connecting his IC821 on the 12V car battery (behind the table).

He worked via his self-made handheld antenna visible at the back, besides the tent.

I did work with the station inside the back-sack (FT290/790 with own 12V/7Ah battery) and the self-made handheld anntenna visible at the front. With the HF reciever at the corner of the table we could recieve the spoetniks.

With the 386 laptop (on the middle of the table) we could work UO-22 without problems.

Several minutes before fieldday start.

Dirk ON1DLL on the left. William PE1RAH on the right.

Hmmmm, why we don't have any signal ?

Enough power we tought. But we figured out that only one battery was okee.

But we saved it with this single working battery !!!!

Dirk tries to contact UO-22.

And a close view of Dirk his self-made handheld oscar antenna.


We have contact with UO-22 !!!!!!!



Portable packet to look at the DX-Clusters.


Station2: FT290 (with internal 15W PA) + FT790 (with internal 10W PA).

This station we will also use on our Europe satellite DX-Expedition, more info at the Expedition page.


Some view from our Fieldday location. An open field and on an hill. The best location to do satelliet.



73 de PE1RAH & ON1DLL



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