My transponder on



An improved version of my MODE-B transponder design will fly as a secundary payload on board of the Indian HAMSAT, or in amateur world better known as VUSAT (VU = Prefix of India).


The satellite was scheduled to be launched into space on 15 october 2003 on board the Indian PSLV-C5 Mission as an auxiliary satellite. Unfortunatly the satellite has not been launched because problems have been found during the final tests.


I can and do not give any information about the situation of the satellite right now, but to the world I want to show some pictures of the my transponder that has been choosen to fly on the HAMSAT.



This is a picture of me with the MODE-B flight-model in my hands.

The picture is taken at the day I send the transponder to ISRO.



The MODE-B flight model under final test at my home in The Netherlands.



On this picture you can see Mr.Nagesh (VU2NUD: Founder of AMSAT-India) and me in front of the HAMSAT, at ISRO in Bangalore, India.



The little black-painted box we are pointing at is my MODE-B flight-model.



A more close view of my transponder, integrated in the Indian HAMSAT.



For more information about the HAMSAT (aka VUSAT) please look at AMSAT-India webpage.


About my transponder:

Type : Lineaire (all mode) MODE-UV (ex. MODE-B) transponder

Uplink : 70cm

Downlink : 2m with max. 1W PEP

Bandwidth : 50kHz

Beacon : CW pre-programmed message beacon on 145.860MHz. (~20mW)

Sensivity : 106dBm for max. power output

Weight : ~1kg

Supply : Transponder 12Vdc , final PA 28Vdc



73 de PE1RAH, William Leijenaar.

E-mail: [email protected]