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FO-29 record.

 At 21 april 2003 I made some records of the FO-29 downlink signals and qsos.

For other amateurs and new comers to amateur satellites I will place some parts of the record on this web-page.


I made some interesting contact with San Marino (T7), two years ago I was also in San Marino qrv via satellites, but this time I worked it myself J



During the satellite pass I heared a station calling HL5NAV. HL is South-Korea what was not in the satellites foot-print !!!

After listening the record I heared the station 3x with all different callsigns. Listen to DL5NAV or HL5NAV or AL5NAV



On satellites sometimes strange signals can be heard, but this is surely no HAM station.

Listen to some kind of Arabic music in FM modulation:





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