DF station mobile B.C. No.2

One of our future project is the D.F. Trailer.
There were less than 200 of these trailers build and till today I have found 2 survivors.
As only the 10cwt chassis of ours has left we are still looking for more info.
If you have more info or parts, please contact us.

DF trailer The purpose of the D.F. Station, Mobile, B.C. No.2A is to provide an indication of the directional bearing of an indication of a distant wireless sender, the signals from which are being received on the D.F.

The equipment comprises a rotating loop direction finding station entirely self contained in a 10cwt trailer which may be towed to any required operational site.

Two interchangeable rotating loops (Aerial loop DF "B" No 5 and "C" No 5) are used to cover the working frequency range of 0.48 Mc/s to 10.0 Mc/s. In addition , there is a vertical rod aerial (consisting of four antennae rod F sections) which is used in conjunction with the loop aerial in order to provide an indication of "sense". The vertical aerial is also used for non-directional reception when searching for a station.

interior vieuw - front
Interior view, looking forward. On the right the Receiver R-106 (HRO) with coupling unit.
internal view - rear
Internal view, rear. On the right the Receiver R-107.
Adapter Telephone No.2

Receiver R-106 (HRO) with special DF switch

Receiver R-107

We are still looking for the DF loops and control gear (see below) if you can help in any way, please contact us.
still looking for these parts