Chevrolet C8A-HUW

The purpose of the HUW was to act as a transmitting and receiving station in forward areas. Used mainly by anti-aircraft and anti-tank batteries for communications with artillery commanders at corps level, it was operated entirely by Signal Corps personnel.

The driver's compartment was of a standard CMP design, separated from the wireless body by a steel partition with two windows. The wireless compartment was equipped to accommodate a WS19 on a table, stowage cabinets and a compartment to house the BSA 300 watt "chore horse" generator.

The Heavy Utility Wireless truck was the first and also the most numerous deviate of the HUP and taken in production in 1942. Other configurations were Computer, Ambulance and Machinery.

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Known History
Oct/Nov 1943 Build by GM in Oshawa, Canada
Color Canadian Brown
Truck Heavy Utility, 4X4, Wireless
Chevrolet C8A-wire-1 (Body 1C2)
General Motors Products of Canada Oshawa, Ontario
Serial No. 3844516076
Oct 7, 1947 First civil registration in the UK, HYU 888
1950-1960 Color yellow, probably with red fenders and black roof on front door "STUART HEIGHTON" on fuel tanks protection shield "UW 888"
Bedford MW engine Tires 10.50x16 fitted
Aug 23, 1973 Sold to Mr Michael Gerard Daly, UK
repainted to earth brown on door registration Z 465370
Mar 12,1974 Sold to Mr John Keith Taylor, UK
1976-1989 On display in "The Grange Cavern" military museum in Holywell,
North Wales. Repainted green. Here the vehicle rusted heavily.
1990 Restoration started by previous owner.
Because the owner was afraid the identification plates would get lost he has removed them. Till today he didn't found them back....
Feb 18, 1993 I have bought the truck in dismantled condition, as the previous owner started restoration and dismantled it complete.
Aug 4, 1995 Civil license DL-54-45
Color "Canadian brown"
Military registration CZ 4255794.
Now a Wireless Set 19 with high power is installed, complete with the 300 Watt BSA chore horse.
wireless table     BSA chore horse

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