US Army Signal Corps
Facsimile equipment

Facsimile comprises the transmission of fixed graphic material
or handwriting from one point to another by electrical means. 

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This is a machine for transmitting copy generally in the from of hand printing on a tape. Standard typewriter characters are too small. At the sending end of the text is hand printed with stencil in a 3/8" high band on a 3/4" wide tape, using a writing stand provided with guides and means for holding a roll of blank tape. Hand printing can be done at speeds up to about 15 words per minute or 18" of tape per minute. The machine sends tape at the rate of 50" per minute, or about 42 words per minute. The scanning is at 72 lines per lineal inch of tape. The output of the machine is a frequency modulated signal, picture white being set at 1150 cycles and picture black at 1650 cycles. The sending and receiving machines are mounted in a single housing, and the receiver can be used to monitor outgoing signals if desired. The receiver uses direct electromechanical recording, in which the tape is pressed against an inked printing element to make the marks. The received record is in the form of two duplicate lines of letters, one above the other, on a tape 3/4" wide. Tape facsimile signals may be transmitted over any voice channel, wire or radio, and carrier telephone channels may be used.

left Amplifier BC 908
right Recorder scanner BC 918

Spare parts chest CH 108

Writing stand MC-308

Principal Components:

Amplifier BC-908-B
Amplifier Cover BG-128-B
Amplifier mounting FT-318-B

Recorder-Scanner BC-918-B
Recorder-Scanner cover BG-118-B
Recorder-Scanner mounting FT-328-B

Recorder tape M-298
Spare parts chest CH-108-B
Writing stand MC-308-B


This is a general purpose page machine providing for the transmission and reception of printed, written, drawn or photographic copy over regular voice communication channels. Original copy for transmission may be up to 7" x 8-5/8" in dimensions but the actual message or picture for transmission should not exceed 7' x 7-3/8' for the photographic recording of 6-1/4" x 7-3/8"for direct recording.
Transmission may be arranged for reception as a negative on film, or a positive on bromide photographic paper, or as a positive on direct recording paper (Teledeltos). The so-called "transceiver" unit includes a driving motor and rotating drum for carrying the record sheet or film, and may be used for either sending or receiving purposes.

Principal Components:

Facsimile transceiver FX-1
Power Supply PE-140
Power Supply PE-150
Chest CH-116
Chest CH-117
Photographic equipment PH-441



This is a page machine for transmitting weather maps and other copy as large as 12" x 17-1/2" in about 20 minutes.
It uses Facsimile Transceiver TT-1/TXC-1, and either direct or photographic recording. Other technical feature of the equipment are similar to those of the RC-120 equipment, but in view of the difference in picture sizes this equipment cannot be used interchangeably with RC-120 type equipment. In the AN/TXC-1 set, scanning is at the rate of 96 lines per inch at 60 rpm of the drum. The equipment is intended for fixed station use only. Unlike the RC-120 equipment, it includes no provision for operation from a 6-volt battery, no portable dark tent, and the photographic equipment is different. Converter CV-2/TX can be used with the AN/TXC-1 set if desired.

Principal Components:

Facsimile transceiver TT-1/TXC-1
Power Pack PP-86/TXC-1
Table MT-252/TXC-1
Photographic equipment

Converter CV-2/TX

For AM to FM or FM to AM conversions for use with RC-120 or AN/TXC-1 equipments on radio circuits.
Operates on 100 to 130volt 50 to 70 cycle ac.

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