Wireless Sets overview part 5

Wireless Set A Mk II

Year of issue
Purpose within the inf, arty, cav. bde
Frequency 2000-750 Kc/s
Range (miles) 2 miles R/T
Power output (watt)
Transport in light cars, man pack (3man) or animal pack
Remarks superseded by WS1

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Wireless Set C Mk II

The "C" set was primarily used for CW communications at brigade and division level

Year of issue 1925
Purpose between Div HQ and Bdes and between Cav Bdes and Cav Regts
Frequency 150-462 Kc/s
Range (miles) 5 miles R/T on the move, 12-40 stationary.
Power output (watt)
Transport in light lorries(6WHEELED), or animal pack

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Wireless Set FS 6

The Wireless Set FS6 was developed in 1939 as an in-house project, in parallel with the development of the Wireless Set No.101, by Amalgamated Wireless (Australasia) A.W.A. in Sydney. The decision was apparently that a much more powerful set could be produced for very little size or weight penalty. The Australian Army showed little interest, however a considerable number were sold to India and subsequently used by the British in the Burma campaign. When Australia became under threat of invasion in 1942, Norforce (Curtin's Cowboys) was formed to patrol the mostly uninhabited Northern regions of Australia. The Wireless set No.101 had insufficient power and the Wireless Set No.109 was too large and heavy, thus the FS6 was produced to fulfil the requirement of providing communications for the Northern patrols. Ranges up to 30 miles could be archived using a vertical aerial and much greater distances using a horizontal wire aerial.
Power source, external 6 volt lead-acid battery. The high tension is provided by the external vibrator power supply. Frequency coverage, by master oscillator, 4.2 to 6.8 Mc/s. Average output power, 8 watts c.w. and 4 watts voice. Modes, voice (a.m.) and morse (c.w.). Number of valves, 5 in the receiver and 3 in the transmitter. The output valve is the ubiquitous 807.

Year of issue 1939
Frequency 4.2-6.8 MHz
Range (miles) 30 miles
Power output (watt) CW 8, R/T 4

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Wireless Set ZC-1 New Zealand

See also "A brief history on the New Zealand ZC1" by Chris Underwood

Mk I Mk II
Year of issue 1943 1944 
Purpose  Suitable for mobile or fixed field base installation 
Frequency  2 - 6 MHz 2 - 8 MHz 
Range (miles) 25-34 Miles over rolling country (34-ft whip Antenna)
8-12 Miles 8 ft whip mobile operation
Power output (watt)  2.75 watts 2.75 watts 
Remarks  1200 made  

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