10 GHz - 1Watt PA, made from 14 GHz surplus stuff


  • use 0805 or 1206 capacitors with low values (10pF or less) with white ceramic (NPO material , low RF losses)
  • capacitors are glued with "Velpon" ( a dutch brand) glue, don't use cyanoacrilate like "one second glue"
  • tune for minimum smoke and maximum power with a woodenstick, use evantually a ceramic trimming stick for
     determing the spots where a capacitor can be placed. ( fast scan for sensitive places)
  • a spectrumanalyser for this tuning is prefered above a wideband powermeter, oscilations can be seen on a analyser
      I used a HP141T with 18 GHz oplugin and a hp8620 sweeper with 8-12 ghz plugin as signalsource

  • this bias circuit by DB6NT is used (slightly modified)..

    MGFK25V4045 Data sheet

    MGFK30V4045 Data sheet